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From Claus Ibsen <>
Subject Re: ServiceMix in Action
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2010 12:28:16 GMT
Hi Charles

Great that a book is being considered. I know you have been spending a
lot of time to get familiar with SMX and OSGi. So you are a perfect
candidate as a co-author for the book.

For the Apache, SMX and the community in general, such a book would be
much welcome.
So go for it, and I am sure some other SMX and OSGi experts wanna team
up and help writing the book.

On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 9:17 AM, Charles Moulliard <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been contacted by Manning to discuss the opportunity to write a book
> about "ServiceMix in Action". Following the discussions that we have had
> together, the general feeling is that a book is necessary Why :
> 1) Documentation on Apache Web Site is obsolete, not up to date,
> 2) ServiceMix4 gains more attention from architect, developers and Java
> community in general,
> 3) This book can contribute to success of architecture designed around
> modularity and including Enterprise features,
> 5) Publication of a ServiceMix book + Aries book (in discussion too) will be
> a perfect match to present in more detail Servicemix, Karaf,
> high-availability, management, security, deployment, design of solution with
> Camel/CXF, jbi, blueprint, transaction ... Those two books will represent
> the bricks for the architect in charge to design enterprise solutions for
> OSGI world !
> Remark :
> 1) To avoid confusion with the books in preparation, I have proposed to
> change the name of the book of Alexandre de Castro Alves (
> which is not at all oriented to "OSGI
> Enterprise" and to review the scope for the incoming book "Aries in action"
> which is from my point of view more oriented to solve Enterprise issues and
> because Aries implements OSGI EE.
> 2) I plan to write the proposal in the coming next days/weeks (if I find
> time between my missions !)
> If people are interested to write with me the book, please let me know ?
> They will help me to correct my bad/poor English ;-)
> Kind regards,
> Charles Moulliard
> Senior Enterprise Architect (J2EE, .NET, SOA)
> Apache Camel - Karaf - ServiceMix Committer
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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> Linkedin : | Skype: cmoulliard

Claus Ibsen
Apache Camel Committer

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