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From Sorin Silaghi <>
Subject Issue with Camel-Smooks integration in Servicemix
Date Wed, 25 Aug 2010 14:22:48 GMT

       I've been trying out the camel-integration component that
Daniel Bevenius started from the Smooks project. If you don't know
about it here's where you can find it:

       The problem I had is it didn't work in Servicemix with the ftp
endpoint. It seems that the problem was with the object type that was
returned by the unmarshal method in SmooksDataFormat. What Smooks
normally returns is an implementation of javax.xml.transform.Result
and what was needed is

       So my question is where should this type conversion take place
exactly? I'm not that familiar with Camel or Servicemix. I thought I'd
send this to the Camel mailing list because the problem is related to
this camel-integration component but let me know if I have to move
this to the Servicemix mailing list.

       Bellow is the content of my camel-context.xml file:

	<bean id="myEdifact"

	<camelContext xmlns="">
	      <unmarshal ref="myEdifact"/>

thank you,

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