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From William Tam <>
Subject CamelContext restart issues CAMEL-2991
Date Sun, 25 Jul 2010 03:55:45 GMT
I observed some issue regarding restarting Camel Context that I want to 
discuss.  The detail is in the CAMEL-2991.

* First off, any objection if SendProcessor implements Navigate?  It 
allows services associated with the destination endpoint to be restarted.

* There is a problem with type converter not getting restarted because 
the lazy instantiation won't start the services on the type converter 
unless the type converter is newly created.  I notice (in a lot of unit 
tests) that it is OK to use the type converter even if the CamelContext 
(its "container") is stopped or has never been started.  If we want this 
behavior, then it does not seem to make sense for type converter to be a 
service.  Type converter could be used anytime including during the 
shutdown cycling.  Since type converter has been added to the 
"servicesToClose" list, the type converter could be stopped 
(unpredictably) when it is needed during the shutdown cycle.  IMO, type 
converter probably should not be a service.

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