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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: Hudson and Unit Tests
Date Tue, 19 Jan 2010 11:24:29 GMT
The SNAPSHOT release means a unstable release, I'm +1 for the publish 
the SNAPSHOT everyday.
In most case we just don't recommend user to use the SNAPSHOT release,
only for new feature or some other integration test we use the SNAPSHOT.

Back to the Camel unit tests, as most unit test need to start the whole 
camel context, it's a time consuming work, so most unit tests take more 
than 1 second to run. Maybe we need find a way to speed up the 
camel-unit test by build it separately.


Claus Ibsen wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 8:31 AM, Christian Schneider
> <> wrote:
>> Hi Willem,
>> does it make sense to deploy if not all test succeed? This causes that
>> sometimes snapshots will have low quality.
>> I would prefer to only deploy when all tests work. Skipping some tests is
>> sure ok for some time if an issue can not be worked
>> out quickly. What do you think?
> No I think its great as it is.
> Camel have 4600+ unit test and still counting. It takes like 3-4h on
> the hudson server to complete a test and it can break somewhere in for
> some strange reasons. We see this on the Fuse CI platforms where we
> got 10+ platforms to run Camel every single day.
> At Apache people want to latest code in SNAPSHOT which also can help
> when they want to verify a fix committed fixed their issue.
> If we only deploy if 100% green then SNAPSHOT could easily turn weeks
> old or longer.
> The current setup is great as it is IMHO.
> If you want SNAPSHOT which have 100% green they you can use the
> SNAPSHOTs from the fuse repos.
>> Greetings
>> Christian
>> Am 19.01.2010 03:10, schrieb Willem Jiang:
>>> I found this issue weeks ago, it looks like we just use the Apache Hundson
>>> to deploy the camel kits now.
>>> And Gert said we can create two Hudson jobs (one for deployment and other
>>> for running test) for Camel.
>>> It's time to get them started :)
>>> Willem
>>> chrislovecnm wrote:
>>>> A quick question
>>>> Why are the tests skipped during the CI Hudson builds? I have filed three
>>>> bugs today that deal directly with unit tests not building or failing.
>>>> IMHO
>>>> these may have been caught if the test where not skipped.  Or a hudson
>>>> build
>>>> could be setup that nightly runs the unit tests?
>>>> I am sure that there is a reason why the tests are off, but I was just
>>>> curious.  Plus a bit frustrated that the build is broken :)
>>>> Chris

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