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From Oisin Hurley <>
Subject Re: GPL licensed code in Camel
Date Fri, 31 Jul 2009 23:25:39 GMT
Hi Hadrian

> Ohloh ( 2 GPL and 2 LGPL files
> or dependencies in the camel distro and I cannot figure out which ones they
> are.  Any ideas?

Ohloh has been criticised for naive license detection in the
past  [0].  If you check the page that details the license detection
approach [1], you will see that checking Java comments for uses
of 'GPL'  is a core approach.

Taking a look at


there is a comment

        // send the query to direct that will route it to the sql
where we will execute the query
        // and bind the parameters with the data from the body. The
body only contains one value
        // in this case (GPL) but if we should use multi values then
the body will be iterated
        // so we could supply a List<String> instead containing each
binding value.

Notice the GPL in the comment? This could set off the Ohloh license
detection to note a GPL-licensed file even though the file has an ASL

This Ohloh report could potentially be damaging for Camel adoption,
even though it is might be useful to zark the matches
in the code that could be causing trouble and get Ohloh to refresh
(e.g. change the GPL string to something else).

Or if someone has a blackduck report hanging around or something
like that they could share...



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