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From Claus Ibsen <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] - Camel 2.0 - About Endpoints with lenient properties eating to much memory
Date Wed, 01 Jul 2009 04:37:04 GMT
On Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 1:50 PM, James Strachan<> wrote:
> I'm liking a) and allowing c) (a single mbean for all endpoints of a
> certain type) make sense to me.
Just for the record. Option a + c is currently implemented and
reported as fixed the issues by the end user.

> Using an LRU cache for non-singleton endpoints makes sense too; though
> I wonder if an endpoint might want to mark itself as not cachable if
> it knows its not really worth the trouble (as it has no state?).
> 2009/6/30 Willem Jiang <>:
>> Hi Claus,
>> I think we need to implements a method for get unique name from the
>> endpoint. It will base on the endpoint's parameter not the customer
>> parameter. With this method we could avoid to register to much temp endpoint
>> with different customer parameter.
>> In this case we need find a way to trim the customer parameter from the
>> endpoint URI. If we could do that, it will save us lots room for the store
>> the fake temp http endpoints (we could share the endpoints in the
>> ProducerCache/ConsumerCache with different customer parameter) and make the
>> LRUCache more effective.
>> Just my two cents.
>> Willem
>> Claus Ibsen wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> Tickets
>>> ======
>>> I am looking into two issues related to Camel eating memory
>>> The problem
>>> =========
>>> It all boils down to using a lot of http endpoints with unique urls.
>>> So over time Camel accumulate a lot of created endpoints in its
>>> internal endpoint registry and as well as JMX Beans
>>> That consumes memory, and for people with millions unique endpoints
>>> over time that consumes to much memory
>>> Solutions
>>> =======
>>> To remedy this I have addressed in two areas
>>> a) failsafe with a limited size of 1000 entries
>>> - Using the LRUCache for ProducerCache/ConsumerCache (verified by end
>>> user that its much better)
>>> - Using the LRUCache in CamelContext for its endpoint reigstry
>>> I assume having more than 1000 unique endpoints, producers or
>>> consumers is not within normal usage for a given CamelContext?
>>> And it does not bring harm as Camel will just recreate the object if
>>> not already cached.
>>> b)
>>> - Not registering endpoints with lenient properties in JMX or camel
>>> context. That is if only they use properties that Camel does not know
>>> about (= lenient properties)
>>> as these endpoints is highly not reusable and short lived. And its
>>> only a few endpoints that support lenient properties (http, restlet,
>>> cxf, atom, rss)
>>> So if you setup an endpoint with custom parameters (not Camel options)
>>> then its a lenient property and Camel will not cache/register it.
>>> For example:
>>> http://myserver/mypath?id=1
>>> http://myserver/mypath?id=2
>>> http://myserver/mypath?id=3
>>> ...
>>> where id is a lenient property that is not a Camel option.
>>> So these will not be registered.
>>> But if you use
>>>    http://myserver/mypath
>>> then it will be registered as its does not contain any lenient
>>> properties at all.
>>> c)
>>> - Only registering a single JMX bean.
>>> Otherwise the JMX registry will be cluttered with millions endpoints.
>>> So what we do not is to register the same parent endpoint for the
>>> endpoints.
>>> We use the new getEndpointKey() on Endpoint to provide the key to use
>>> for JMX registration. This allows us to provide the same key for all
>>> the http endpoints.
>>> Questions
>>> ========
>>> 1)
>>> Option a and c is already nearly done. I am running further unit tests
>>> and do a bit of code polish.
>>> 2)
>>> As option b is a bit controversial, I am wondering if that is
>>> feasible. Should we just go ahead with the LRUCache being able to
>>> filter out the eldest endpoints?
>>> And I wonder if people just create a few endpoints with lenient
>>> properties then we still have "room" to store them in the cache so I
>>> wonder if we should do this at all?
>>> I do think we could keep this as a thought for the future, and just
>>> let the LRUCache handle it, so when people use millions of unqiue http
>>> endpoints we let the chace
>>> filter out the not used ones.
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> James
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Claus Ibsen
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