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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Semantics of IN and OUT
Date Tue, 14 Jul 2009 10:03:56 GMT
James Strachan wrote:
> 2009/7/13 Claus Ibsen <>:
>>> Reading between the lines; are you really just trying to make folks
>>> use (what is currently called) "getOut()" and never try mutate what is
>>> currently called getIn()?
>>> i.e. so by default the "OUT" property is defaulted to a copy of IN
>>> that folks can change/mutate.
>>> (what we call these 2 methods is a separate discussion, whether its
>>> "in,out" or "originalMessage,message" or whatever
>> Hadrian and I had a chat today and we are clearing up some bits.
>> I am more on line with him now on the IN and OUT thing.
>> So lets keep them.
>> And use the time to fix the tiny bits such as the getOut() doing its
>> lazy creating a new empty message.
>> And whether its possible to let IN be immutable.
> I think we're kinda mostly on the same page (though saying it in
> different ways). BTW I'm taking off my devils advocate hat now :)...
> What we're agreeing on I think is that;
> * getIn() should be immutable (when folks try to change it we can
> throw the exception and describe how getOut() should be used to change
> the message) - to prevent folks using the old code (which will require
> code changes).
> * having the original immutable message available is handy; but mostly
> folks should concentrate on the 'out' (current name today)
> * the out should be automatically populated with a clone of the IN (to
> avoid all that pain with checking if there's an out or an in, or the
> possible loss of headers etc. Internally we can use a CopyOnWrite
> facade to reduce the cost of potentially copying a message which is
> not actually mutated.
> Given that; I think we're mostly agreeing. However given the confusion
> of getIn() and getOut() I'm wondering if actually your previous idea
> of changing the api of exchange to have a getMessage() which returns
> the thing a processor should be changing; then having a
> getOriginalMessage() (which can be null if you are the first in the
> chain) might reduce the amount of confusion?
> i.e. after sleeping on it, I'm warming to the idea of renaming getIn()
> -> getOriginalMessage() and getOut() -> getMessage(). (Or maybe
> getInputMessage() for getIn()?)
> Thoughts?
+1 for this change.

For the InOnly Message Exchange Pattern, when we want to change the 
message , we just call the exchange's getMessage() and don't not care 
about if it's a in message or an out message.

For the ProduceTemplate sendMessage() method we can get the response 
message back from the exchange, by using exchange.getMessage() method.


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