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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: [Question about] - New camel quickfix component
Date Fri, 08 May 2009 10:50:40 GMT
Charles Moulliard wrote:
> Something like the CXF component can do with its DataFormat type?
> ?dataFormat=String
> ?dataFormat=QuickFixMessage
> I will check what is implemented in the camel-cxf component.
> *Are you looking for another camel feedback concerning your proposal ?*
> But why are you setting both the IN and OUT to the same message?
> Good question. Anton is the author so I can't reply BUT
> In quickfix, the application (
> which
> is the engine communicating with a FIX server can be of type ACCEPTOR or
> INITIATOR. You have to both configure the two applications because the
> engine is not a client/server application. In one case, you accept incoming
> messages and in the other you generate the messages. The camel-quickfix does
> not know which role it plays because it is defined in the config.file
> provided as input to the quickFixAcceptor or quickFixInitiator class. These
> two classes call the same QuickFixEndpoint.
> *
> Maybe the class has to be splitted in two endpoints, one corresponding to
> each to avoid both IN/OUT ???*

I just checked the code, for the acceptor, it just delegate the
processing of request message to the Conumser's porcessor.
For the initiator, I don't think the incoming Fix message can be
processed rightly, the QuickfixProcessor is used for processing this
message, and we can't make sure the request and response are in the same

Here is my question for the Fix initiator, what will happen when the
initiator send the message throw the initiator? Does it will expect a

> Regards,
> Charles Moulliard
> Senior Enterprise Architect
> Apache Camel Committer
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