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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Do we really need the generate parameter in the ProcessorType?
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2008 13:02:14 GMT
2008/12/10 Willem Jiang <>:
> Hi,
> When I start to work on CAMEL-1171, I found that we don't need to use
> the <Type extends ProcessorType> in the ProcessorType class definition.
> public abstract class ProcessorType<Type extends ProcessorType> extends
> OptionalIdentifiedType<Type> implements Block
> For the common usecase to() method, it just need to return a
> ProcessorType, I don't think we will call the
> setParallelProcessing(true) after that, if we create a MulticastType first.
> Just like this
> from("direct:start").multicast().setParallelProcessing(true)...
> to("direct:endpointA").to("direct:endpointB");
> we won't write the rule like this
> from("direct:start").multicast()...
> to("direct:endpointA").setParallelProcessing(true).to("direct:endpointB");
> Now , I just have a question about the OptionalIdentifiedType, since I
> never use it. I don't know when we will call the
> OptionalIdentifiedType's description method.
> Can we just change the ProcessorType definition like this ?
> public abstract class ProcessorType extends
> OptionalIdentifiedType<ProcessorType> implements Block
> Is they something that I'm missing?

The generics use is kinda complex in the DSL - if you try remove stuff
like this you'll probably be surprised by what breaks :).

One of the main reasons for it being there is AFAIK to allow derived
classes to return the derived type in blocks. e.g. try remove it and
see if the choice()/when()/otherwise() stuff still compiles. See how
the parameterized Type is returned by to() or filter() etc.

The generics compiler in Java is a bit pants in that it only tries so
far to resolve generic types and just defaults to Object after a
while; so we've gotta be careful using them - but they can be useful
in the DSL.


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