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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [2.0] simplifying annotations, DSL and XML to remove uri + ref?
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2008 19:58:30 GMT
2008/12/1 Claus Ibsen <>:
> Hi James
> Maybe you dot get to much sleep at nights now ;)
> But I had to do a 2nd pass to read and understand your mail.


> Are you suggesting that we can merge the uri and ref @annotation
> attribute and this imply a single attribute that supports both?

Yes. With annotations, lots of them only take a URI; so we can use a
default value parameter



> If so what should be the name of this attribute?

if in doubt, uri - but with annotations which have no over values it
can be value()

> I currently like that the uri / ref style as you are in no doubt what
> they do. But is there a tremendous difference in the code base to
> support both?
> I was wondering if we should do a stratety as
> - look in registry first, if match use it
> - if no match create an endpoint with the provided text

Thats what we do anyway given URIs AFAIK.

I'm not 100% cerrtain about this btw - it was just a thought. Lots of
the XML <to uri="someUri"/> or <to ref="someRef"/> support both. I
just wondered if it'd be simpler if everything, including refs, were a


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