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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Thoughs on the camel dsl for 2.x
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2008 17:18:24 GMT
2008/11/3 Hadrian Zbarcea <>:
> Vadim,
> Awsome work.
> Given the popularity of maven and the fact that we (and others) use it
> intensively, I think it's time well spent to get to know it in more details.
>  Here's an excellent resource:
> For the dsl solution I personally have to candidates.  I didn't mention them
> before, because I was curious what other people ideas were.
> One is what James suggested (on a previous occasion too).  Take the model in
> org.apache.camel.model and use it as the AST (Abstract Syntax Tree).  It's
> not as simple as it sounds (except for James :) ).
> The second is using a grammar and antlr, and I played with that a while ago
> and got stuck in a circular dependency.

The two could well be the same thing BTW. i.e. use an Antlr grammar
which when its run it creates an AST which either can be directly
turned into the Camel AST (org.apache.camel.model.*) or indirectly via
a little AST visitor thingy


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