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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Thoughs on the camel dsl for 2.x
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2008 14:15:20 GMT
2008/10/29 Hadrian Zbarcea <>:
> Camel has this wonderful discovery mechanism for RouteBuilders,
> TypeConverters, Languages, etc. so if one uses Camel she only needs to write
> her code, drop it somewhere on the classpath and... everything works.
> The only main thing that's not really pluggable is the DSL.  The concept of
> a DSL supported for multiple languages is unique to Camel afaik and quite a
> powerful one.  However:
> * it is hand-crafted and this led to quite a few inconsistencies between
> java, xml, scala, etc.
> * the dsl is not supported in a few languages yet, such as python, ruby
> (expressions are supported though)
> * the ProcessorType has become huge
> * it's increasingly difficult/annoying to add support for a new pattern,
> because this changes the API
> * does not support user-defined pattern, a user is pretty much stuck with
> using a processor or bean, but cannot extend the language
> * does not support alternate dsl(s) in the same language, such as java.  The
> processors are very powerful, and one could envision using a different
> language (say something like bpel), to assemble them and get the desired
> behavior.
> I think the biggest hurdle is I think the fact that we must support smart
> completion in the ide(s) and java is not a dynamic language.  I would like
> to investigate the idea of patterns being *described* in a language (such as
> xml, or some other grammar) and then generate the dsl.  I think it should be
> feasible, based on the fact that there are not many concepts needed to
> describe a pattern (as a black box) and the generated dsl could be built
> once (maybe packaged as a separate jar) and reused.

Interesting idea!

The org.apache.camel.model.** packages kinda define the AST (yeah
they've got a bit too much DSL magic in there, but you can ignore
those methods and just think of it as a JAXB bean tree of RouteType)

We've not yet done a real ruby/groovy DSL - how about you experiment
generating the ruby and/or groovy DSLs from the AST?


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