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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: A real camel-test component for Camel 2.0
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2008 19:15:00 GMT
2008/9/7 Willem Jiang <>:
> Hi Claus,
> +1 for creating a real camel-test component for Camel 2.0.
> If we create a real camel-test component with current Camel modules layout,
>  it will introduce the cycle dependency into the camel-core
> camel-test <--> camel-core
> Maybe we could take out the camel-api for the camel-core to resolve this
> cycle dependency.
> camel-api <-- camel-test <-- camel-core
> And there are lots of test cases in the org.apache.camel.spring.processor
> package of the camel-spring-test.jar which extents the test classes in the
> camel-core-test.jar, it is a challenge for us to support this kind of code
> reuseability  in the new camel-test component.

Yeah - to do a kinda regression test, I started deriving the spring
tests from the core tests but using spring rather than the Java DSL -
though I do find all that code a tad smelly :)

Apart from those tests, the camel-spring module should ideally just
use the spring-test stuff; so it doesn't really need any code from
camel-core-test or anything.

If we did introduce a camel-test library, we'd not have to use it in
camel-core or camel-spring I don't think; we could always move tests
outside those 2 modules. Plus there's nothing stopping us having
separate modules to test various things in the build.


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