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From "Claus Ibsen">
Subject Scripting Language - Beanshell - anyone using this
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2008 04:28:09 GMT

After updateing the scripting language documentation and adding unit tests etc. I am wondering
if anyone will use the bean shell language? I think we should consider @deprecating it and
remove the DSL support for it.

You can use the generic script DSL if you want to use it. However it is also hard to find
a beanshell .jar that actually has the integration with the Java Scripting Engine that works.
Now we get "unimplemented" exception.

With beanshell gone we have 1 less XML element popping up in the ctrl + space list ;)

We could be quick and mark it for @dep in 1.5 and remove it in 2.0

Med venlig hilsen

Claus Ibsen
Skovsgårdsvænget 21
8362 Hørning
Tlf. +45 2962 7576

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