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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: an camel route view
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2008 17:05:50 GMT
2008/7/25 James Strachan <>:
> 2008/7/25 James Strachan <>:
>> Incidentally I've just patched the RouteNode so it also includes a URL
>> to the pattern documentation and the pattern name which might be handy
>> if we ever provide some kinda link between the currently selected node
>> and a properties view or something; or maybe a context menu that lets
>> you navigate to the pattern documentation of a node?
> Yay! I've just figured out how to connect the selected node in the
> graph to the Properties View so that we can show things like detailed
> description of the node, details of where the pattern documentation
> lives and so forth. Eventually with some more ninja, we could view the
> messages arrived at the node in a properties tab maybe etc.

I'm gradually starting to grok how to do real basic stuff in eclipse -
probably really badly - but at least to get some things to happen :)

I've just committed a patch where there's now a MessagesView window we
can show - which listens to the nodes selected in the Route Graph and
it then tries to pull the message exchanges sent to that node and
render them in a table. Doesn't actually do anything yet mind you :).
Need to hack the view so it can display, say a table with one row for
each Exchange then maybe a form showing the details of each selected
Exchange (showing all the headers & body etc). Then also need to wire
in a way to find the spring Main when running the route via the

If we can figure out the SpringRouteContentProvider stuff so we use
that, it should be relatively easy to make sure we enable
debugging/tracing and then hack up some decent looking MessagesView.
That'd be really awesome! :)

My eclipse knowledge is pretty limited - if anyone else wants dive in
and help and hack up the MessagesView to look nice :) We kinda need a
table linked to a form (showing all headers & the payload). Ideally
we'd use the Java debugger UI stuff to render any Java object nicely.
e.g. show a message as a tree...

  foo - string "hey"
  bar - int 1234
body whatever

kinda like the debugger does when showing a stack frame.


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