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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: an camel route view
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2008 12:15:38 GMT
2008/7/25 James Strachan <>:
> 2008/7/25 James Strachan <>:
>> 2008/7/25 James Strachan <>:
>>> 2008/7/25 James Zhang <>:
>>>> These 2 days I try to find the eclipse listener on XML opening.
>>>> As you proposal,I will add a 'Run as Camel' option .
>>>> I endorse " integrate with the Tracer".
>>>> Actually, I also want:we can integrate the Eclipse Debugging Framework with
>>>> the visual route.
>>> I've hacked up the SpringRouteContentProvider - am just messing with
>>> the eclipse install to get svn support sorted so I can submit you a
>>> patch :)
>>> How do you want me to submit the lib directory changes? A big tarball?
>>> (All I've done is replace the camel-snapshot with camel-core,
>>> camel-spring, the spring-*.jar and the stax API jar from the 1.4.0
>>> release and fix up the plugin.xml / / project so
>>> things build etc.
>> Here's the patch...
>> am just figuring out how to attach the binary patch - will try submit
>> as a tarball maybe?
> Awesome! I just noticed James made me a committer :) Huge thanks James!
> I've committed my patch now - I hope it still builds fine for you
> after an update from subversion.
> Am gonna dive into the code some more...

BTW can we delete the 'prototype' folder? I got confused and thought
it was used when I first started looking through the code. Also the
bin directory can be zapped right?

Incidentally I've just patched the RouteNode so it also includes a URL
to the pattern documentation and the pattern name which might be handy
if we ever provide some kinda link between the currently selected node
and a properties view or something; or maybe a context menu that lets
you navigate to the pattern documentation of a node?


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