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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: an camel route view
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2008 10:21:09 GMT
BTW one question about the code. I saw in RouteContentProvider (which
after my patch is now in RouteContentProviderSupport :) this code...

	public RouteNode getNodeData(RoutesStore routesTempStore, RouteNode
from, ProcessorType processorType) {
		RouteNode processorNodeData = routesTempStore.getNodeData(processorType);

		// ^_^ pls let me use camel utils
		UuidGenerator uuidGenerator = new UuidGenerator("routeview");
		String connectionString = uuidGenerator.generateSanitizedId();
		RouteConnection routeConnection = new RouteConnection(from,
				connectionString, processorNodeData);

The uuidGenerator is used to create an ID for the route node right? If
you can get access to the underlying Camel AST route node
(ProcessorType) then you can invoke the idOrCreate() method which will
return the configured ID or create a new one for that ProcessorType
node. This can then be handy looking up things associated with a node
like working with the debugger, or looking at lists of message
exchanges associated with a particular node in the route etc.

Not a huge biggie, but probably worth using going forward;
particularly if we wanna integrate with the Tracer / Debugger


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