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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: an camel route view
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2008 08:56:11 GMT
Great stuff James!

FWIW I followed your instructions and got it working great - thanks! I
added a comment here...

as it took me a little while to realise you had to double click on the
'configure' text of the configure method :). But it looks awesome!

2008/7/25 James Zhang <>:
> Hi,all.
> Glad to receive your feedback.
> I am also very confused about how to build the code.
> I have made a
> videocast:

Great stuff! I wonder if its possible to make a quick screen cast
using some other online format - maybe flash so it can be hosted on
youtube? One screen cast showing how to install eclipse to build the
plugin - another showing it in action would be cool! :). Though the
second one could wait a little until we've added more features :)

One suggestion which I think, given a quick look at your code would be
fairly easy to do. Support running a Spring based camel route (which
would add the dependency on camel-spring.jar and the spring-*.jar

e.g. any project which is a Spring based Camel route, we could have a
'Run as Camel' option on the Run menu. If clicked, this would run the
application via the org.apache.camel.spring.Main...

There's a wiki page that shows how to invoke the Main via Java code...

basically you can do this...

  Main main = new Main();
  // if a user wants to overload the default they could specify
something for the app context URI
  // it defaults to finding META-INF/spring/*.xml
  // main.setApplicationContextUri("org/apache/camel/spring/debug/applicationContext.xml");
  List<RouteType> routes = main.getRouteDefinitions()

and then you're done, you can popular your graph.

i.e. its just a slightly different way of booting up the CamelContext
and getting the route definitions.

I'm not too good at hacking eclipse to be honest :) but I'll happily
hack up a Spring version of the RouteContentProvider if you like? If
you can figure out how to invoke it from a Run menu; I can hack the
code to implement the SpringRouteContentProvider? (Fancy making me a
committer - or I could submit a patch). The hardest thing with the
patch is gonna be adding the new jars into the project :)

BTW we might as well move to 1.4.0 of camel while we're tinkering.

Incidentally - it'd be awesome if we could also integrate with the
Tracer too! :). Then we could see messages flying around the route;
maybe double click on a node to navigate to a view of all the message
exchanges sent to the node?


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