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From "Claus Ibsen">
Subject RE: Roadmap after Camel 1.4 release
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2008 18:55:06 GMT

Great move Gert with this roadmap mail.
I just wanted to comment on the current roadmap in JIRA with 1.5 and 2.0. I do think I going
a few months back assigned a lot of the unscheduled task for either 1.5 or 2.0. Please feel
free to move the tasks they are not set by stone.

Some of the stuff for 2.0 I feel should even be moved on some sort of "future" etc, for instance
the groovy and ruby DSL, it's a big task to add at least we also need all the documentation
and keeping the DSL up-to-date with the java. Just look at the Java and Spring XML where we
can't keep them reasonable in-sync. 

What I would like to contribute for 1.5 in the short run is:
- improved documentation (great way for me to learn more)
- improve my tutorial (we need more entry level stuff also)

What I would love we did include in Camel 1.5
- improve core components: file and FTP (must have that these are outstanding, most integrations
do work with files)
- ease of use with webservices. The CXF stuff could be easier for new users to use. More and
better examples. Easier to use with POJO. I am sure Williem has great ideas here as well.

- encoding for byte type converters (I think it's to late to be introduced in 2.0)
- tracer to display the from node (help in diagnostics)
- close the gap between java dsl and spring xml as also noted by willem
- write more blogs about Camel (Isn't this a great way to attract people?)

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From: Gert Vanthienen [] 
Sent: 22. juli 2008 14:44
Subject: Roadmap after Camel 1.4 release


Now that Camel 1.4 is out, we should probably take a look at the roadmap 
for Camel 1.5 and 2.0.  There are already quite a few issues planned for 
1.5 ([1]) and 2.0 ([2]).  Perhaps this is a good time to discuss the 
long-term goals and add issues for those to JIRA as well.  Chatting with 
James on IRC, he proposed we would focus on usability and tooling for 
the next release.  Personally, I would also like to finish up the Scala 
DSL and add a Maven archetype to allow people to really start using it, 
so we can ship our next release with 3 full-fledged DSLs.  Any other 

Whenever we start developing on Camel 2.0, we would have a great 
opportunity to remove some of the deprecated methods that we 
(re-)introduced with Camel 1.4 and do some other API breaking 
refactorings (like reducing code cycles, adding parameters to the 
TypeConverter methods -- e.g. for encoding, use verbs for the DSL, 
...).  With a new major release number, users expect these kind of 
changes, especially if we clearly add them to a migration guide in the 
release documents.  Are we going to do an intermediate 1.5 release (only 
deprecating methods as we move along) or will the next release be 2.0 
instead?  Do we need to create a branch for allowing bug fixes for 1.4 
to be released in a Camel 1.5, while trunk is moving towards 2.0?

On the documentation side of things, we already had a few 
questions/remarks on improving the documentation about the DSLs 
themselves.  Any suggestions on how we can do this?  There has also been 
talk on revamping the look and feel of the website somewhat, to make it 
easier for users to get started with Camel.  Any ideas on this?




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