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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: Camel and SCA
Date Fri, 23 May 2008 01:38:26 GMT
I am not touch any SCA yet, but I agree with Gert. You can treat Camel 
as a single JAR file, it doesn't need any complex runtime to perform the 
mediation work.
If you put it inside a SCA component , you do not worry about how to 
embed it :).
Camel can run synchronously in most case, here is a wiki page[1] to show 
how to leverage the asynchronous processing in Camel.


Gert Vanthienen wrote:
> Vasil,
> I'm not an SCA expert at all, but...
> If you want to use Camel inside an SCA component, I think you should 
> be able to Tuscany's or implementation.spring to 
> do this.  If you hide the interaction with the other components behind 
> a Java interface as usual, it shouldn't matter if implementation is 
> Camel or any other Java code.  You can choose to specify the Camel's 
> routes in a java class or a Spring configuration file and use that 
> inside your SCA component.  Camel itself is just a JAR file you have 
> to include in your (not sure about the terminology either) SCA 
> composite.  It shouldn't be too hard to have synchronous execution in 
> Camel -- just avoid the typical asynchronous concepts as seda: 
> endpoints and you should be fine there.
> Suppose we would build a more specific implementation.camel for Apache 
> Camel, what additional features would you expect from that 
> implementation?
> Gert
> Vasil wrote:
>> Hi Willem,
>> I was thinking for using the route and pattern description power of 
>> Camel
>> inside an SCA component for a more declarative description of 
>> integration
>> scenario between services to which this component refers. I could 
>> have used
>> BPEL or BPMN for example but this is rather complex and 
>> procedural-oriented,
>> while I need mainly transformation capabilities with simple conditions
>> (content-based router), split, agregate, filter, transform (XQuery for
>> example), etc. in more data-oriented scenario.
>> In this case the different connectivities (components) that Camel 
>> provides
>> will not be needed as SCA cares for this and also anly synchronous 
>> working
>> of the Camel engine will be used.
>> Do you think this is feasible usage of Camel?
>> Bye, Vasil
>> willem.jiang wrote:
>>> Hi Vasil,
>>> AFAIK , we do not have any plan to integrate Camel with SCA. But you 
>>> could share you ideas with us in the mail list :)
>>> Willem
>>> Vasil wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Is there any integration between Camel and SCA planned. If yes, can 
>>>> you
>>>> share some more information.
>>>> Bye, Vasil

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