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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject (switch to dev) Re: Having a web service automatically activate when data is placed into a queue
Date Sun, 20 Apr 2008 09:37:53 GMT

2008-04-19 Willem Jiang wrote:
> Hi Glen,
> My comments are in the mail.
> Glen Mazza wrote:
> > Hello again, I have a few more questions.  I'm using a CXF-based web
> > service provider running on Tomcat, using CXF's JAX-WS front end.  Its
> > WSDL is located on my machine as follows:
> > http://localhost:8080/doubleit/services/doubleit?wsdl.
> >
> > Questions about the CXF component page[1]:
> >
> > 1.) Using this type of URI:  "cxf://address?options", which of the
> > options--wsdlURL, serviceClass, serviceName, portName--do I have to
> > provide?  It seems strange to need to provide any of these options,
> > because the first can be obtained via "?wsdl" by default, the second is
> > not necessarily known by the client, and the third and fourth are
> > readable from the WSDL--perhaps these options are needed only by CXF's
> > simple frontend?  
> >   
> Yes , the endpoint's address can get from the WSDL , but if the WSDL has 
> more than two ServiceNames or PortNames, you need to specify the right 
> one that you want.
> The URI "cxf://address?options" is common pattern for cxf endpoint ( not 
> only the CXF provider  but also CXF consumer), and camel-cxf component 
> can't know which frontend will be used if it do not check the annotation 
> from the serviceClass, so the serviceClass and address in required 
> parameter for the camel-cxf component, the others parameters are optional.

Willem, using this information I updated the CXF page[1], giving a
"required" column, so users will know what they need to provide.
Please check to see if the information I provided was correct.



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