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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject Confusion on camel-cxf example text
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2008 02:42:11 GMT
Hello all, question on the intro paragraph to our camel-cxf example[1].
It says (with A, B, C markers added in):

The Camel CXF exampleis a demo of the camel-cxf component to show how to
route messages between CXF endpoints, [A]with one endpoint consuming a
SOAP over JMS request[/A] while the other [B]providing a SOAP over HTTP
request for the actual CXF Service endpoint[/B]. The Camel router just
routs the [C]SOAP over HTTP CXF client request[/C] to the SOAP over HTTP
CXF service.

I think the A, B, C sections really mean the following:

A:  with one endpoint *making* a SOAP over JMS request
B:  providing a SOAP over HTTP *service* using CXF
C:  SOAP over *JMS* CXF client request

Am I correct?



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