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From "Bruce Snyder" <>
Subject Re: new bean expression language
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2007 17:57:24 GMT
On Nov 16, 2007 9:24 AM, James Strachan <> wrote:
> An issue some folks have hit has been how to write complex expressions
> and predicates for non-XML payloads of messages without adding any new
> dependency on some expression language like Groovy, EL, OGNL, Ruby
> etc.
> Well there's always Java :)
> Folks could write a new Expression/Predicate class; but that can often
> be a tad noisy when used in the DSL (and it doesn't translate too well
> to describing routing rules in XML); so to simplify that I've
> implemented a simple Bean Language so you can just refer to bean
> methods as an expression or predicate...
> it also helps show some of the power of the Bean Integration annotations
> The nice thing about this approach is if you write an expression in
> Java code; your code can avoid the use of Camel APIs; namely to be
> just business logic style code using whatever classes ou like.
> The JIRA for this feature is here btw
> As usual, feedback always appreciated

Are there any full working examples of this new bean expression
language? Docs are never as good as seeing some example code that
actually runs.

perl -e 'print unpack("u30","D0G)U8V4\@4VYY9&5R\"F)R=6-E+G-N>61E<D\!G;6%I;\"YC;VT*"

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