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From Ole Andreas Hegle <>
Subject Re: File-component will not find new files and lock does not work
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 15:38:28 GMT
Hi Again

The error seems to be in on the pollFile-method

If a file is copied in to the monitored directory, and the file has a 
modifies-timestamp which is older than the lastPollTime, it will not be 
(This can be solved by remembering the name and modification time of 
processed files, and process files which is not in this list)

Code with error is below

Ole Andreas Hegle
Businesscape AS

protected void pollFile(final File file) {
        if (!file.exists()) {
       if (isValidFile(file)) {
            // we only care about file modified times if we are not 
deleting/moving files
            if (endpoint.isNoop()) {
                long fileModified = file.lastModified();
                if (fileModified <= lastPollTime) {
                    if (LOG.isDebugEnabled()) {
                        LOG.debug("Ignoring file: " + file + " as 
modified time: " + fileModified + " less than last poll time: " + 
            } else {
                if (filesBeingProcessed.contains(file)) {
                filesBeingProcessed.put(file, file);

Ole Andreas Hegle wrote:
> Hi everybody
> I am using Camel 1.1.0, and have discovered an error in the file 
> component.
> When using the file-component without any options like this:
> from("file://C:/Test/temp/testfolder").process(new TestFileProcessor());
> Everything works according to specification
> However...
> When I add locking = false like this
> from("file://C:/Test/temp/testfolder?lock=false").process(new 
> TestFileProcessor());
> The files found are still locked (as they are copied to the .camel 
> directory.)
> If I use the noop=true-option like this
> from("file://C:/Test/temp/testfolder?noop=true").process(new 
> TestFileProcessor());
> The file-component will only find files which are present in directory 
> at first scan, not files copied into directory after startup
> If I use both lock and noop like this
> from("file://C:/Test/temp/testfolder?lock=false&noop=true").process(new 
> TestFileProcessor());
> The locking-option works fine (the file is not copied to .camel 
> sub-directory), however, only the component only finds files present 
> at startup, it does not find files copied to the directory after 
> initial poll is not detected.
> So, for me it seems like there is a problem with the lock-option when 
> lock is used as the only parameter, and there is a problem with the 
> noop-option (as it only reads files on first scan)
> Have anybody the same experience or can anybody help me to sort this out?
> Regards. Ole Andreas Hegle, Businesscape AS
> However, I would

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