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Subject Re: Camel JDBC Component
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2007 17:01:28 GMT
On 8/29/07, Nicky Sandhu <> wrote:
> In my rookie attempt to create the JDBC component
> (

Great stuff BTW! Have applied your patch - keep up the great work! :)\

> I encountered the
> following questions
> 1. If the exchange out is send out the ResultSet (open cursor) then is there
> support for a callback on the exchange to allow a lifecycle of end on the
> exchange to allow one to close out the ResultSet. Instead I have created a
> limit on the read size and copied the data into a list of hash maps. Not
> very efficient and I don't like it much. Any suggestions ?

We're just in the process of adding an onComplete / onFailure handlers
to the exchange, so you can close things like result sets and the

Hopefully as soon as those are working we can use 'em

> 2. I would like the component to poll the database. Is such a polling
> consumer better accomplished by doing
> from("timer:...").setBody(sqlStmt).to("jdbc:...").pipeline("direct:a") ?

Yeah - that should work now (we changed the timer component to be more

Another idea - in general - is to make the endpoint derive from
DefaultPollingEndpoint which has the 'poll by default' for a Consumer;
then you just implement a PollingConsumer for the endpoint. Though in
this case we probably wanna configure the SQL in the DSL, so using the
timer as above is maybe simplest.

> 3. Lastly the conversion mechanism from result set to other types. Any
> suggestions on whether using the type converter is appropriate here ?

Yeah - am sure we could think of some useful conversions; maybe to
Lists of Maps or something; or to XML? Maybe the cached JDBC result
set stuff might be useful? Or there's SDO? I've not looked at JDBC 4
yet but IIRC there's some SQL <-> POJO mapping stuff in there too I


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