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Subject [camel] branch master updated: Added Camel 2.20.0 release notes to docs
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2018 08:59:48 GMT
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     new dce9c18  Added Camel 2.20.0 release notes to docs
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commit dce9c18e00519dc6469bb3f02394318b4e8861c1
Author: Andrea Cosentino <>
AuthorDate: Wed Sep 5 10:59:04 2018 +0200

    Added Camel 2.20.0 release notes to docs
 .../en/release-notes/camel-2200-release.adoc       | 271 +++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 271 insertions(+)

diff --git a/docs/user-manual/en/release-notes/camel-2200-release.adoc b/docs/user-manual/en/release-notes/camel-2200-release.adoc
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..d82e8cc
--- /dev/null
+++ b/docs/user-manual/en/release-notes/camel-2200-release.adoc
@@ -0,0 +1,271 @@
+== Camel 2.20.0 Release
+### New and Noteworthy
+Welcome to the 2.20.0 release which resolved over 550 issues including
+new features, improvements and bug fixes.
+* Support for Java 9 as a technical preview. Official support for Java 9
+will be forthcoming in the following releases. (source code builds and
+tests on a Java 9 JVM). 
+* Many internal optimisations in the Camel routing engine, such as
+reducing thread contention when updating JMX statistics, reducing
+internal state objects to claim less memory, and reducing the number of
+allocated objects to reduce overhead on GC etc, and much more. 
+* Camel link:spring-boot.html[Spring Boot] now supports referring to
+bean's (lookup in Spring Boot) by their id names in the configuration
+files (|yaml file) when you configure any of the
+Camel starter components.
+* Camel link:spring-boot.html[Spring Boot] now also supports using
+Spring (auto) configuration to configure CamelContext when using Spring
+XML files with <camelContext>. 
+* Worked to make Apache Camel more ready and compatible with the
+upcoming Spring Boot 2 and Spring Framework 5. Officially support for
+these is expected in Camel 2.21 release.
+* The link:jms.html[JMS] component now includes JMS 2.0 functionality to
+use shared (durable and non-durable) topic.
+* The
+Maven Plugin] can now validate for duplicate route ids in your source
+* Splitted link:twitter.html[Twitter] component into 4, now
+directmessage, seach, streaming and timeline has its own endpoint and
+See[documentation] for
+more details
+* Introduced `HeadersMapFactory` SPI which allows to plugin different
+implementations, or to use case sensitive maps that are faster than the
+* Allow link:kafka.html[Kafka] consumer to break on first unhandled
+exception, sync the offset from last known good, and then re-connect
+after one timeout cycle, to restart consuming again. This avoids loosing
+the failed message, but retry it again on either this consumer, or
+another consume which was re-balanced by Kafka. This requires to be
+turned on with the new option breakOnFirstError which can be set on both
+component or endpoint level.
+* Starting and stoping the CamelContext when used with Spring framework
+(SpringCamelContext) was revised to ensure that the Camel context is
+started last - when all resources should be available, and stopped first
+- while all resources are still available
+* The link:sql-stored-procedure.html[SQL Stored Procedure] now supports
+specifying custom types as FQN classnames and scale in numeric values.
+* Using Camel with link:spring.html[Spring] now supports calling
+link:bean.html[Bean] by their FQN name and let Spring instantiate the
+bean using auto-wired constructor's as opposed to only supporting a
+no-arg constructor. 
+* Using Camel with link:spring-boot.html[Spring Boot] can now easily
+filter Java RouteBuilder routes via ANT-path pattern style to either
+include or exclude class names, which can be configured using Spring
+configuration properties.
+* The link:wire-tap.html[Wire Tap] EIP can now be configured to use
+static endpoint uri instead of being dynamic evaluated via the
+link:simple.html[Simple] language. 
+* The link:wire-tap.html[Wire Tap] EIP will now complete any inflight
+wire tapped exchanges while shutting down to give them time to complete
+* The link:jsonpath.html[JSonPath] can now split and write each row as a
+string value (JSon format) instead of using a Map/POJO type with the new
+writeAsString option.
+* The link:pojo-consuming.html[POJO Consuming] Consume annotation on
+POJO classes now support a predicate (using simple language) to filter
+the message. See the camel-example-spring-boot-pojo for more.
+* The internal JSon parser that is used by camel-catalog and runtime
+camel-catalog (from camel-core) now embeds a simple-json v2 parser which
+means it can parse any kind of json formatted document (before it was
+confined to its own dense format)
+* Infinispan, Ehcache and Hazelcast caches can automatically discover
+cache managers in spring-boot
+* Introduced an experimental _Health Checks SPI_ that can be leveraged
+in in cloud environments to detect non healthy contexts.
+* Introduced an experimental _Cluster SPI_ for high availability
+contexts, out of the box Camel supports: atomix, consul, file,
+kubernetes and zookeeper as underlying clustering technologies through
+the respective components.
+* Introduced an experimental _Route Controller SPI_ which is aimed to
+provide more fine-grained control of routes, out of the box Camel
+provides the following implementations:
+** _SupervisingRouteController_ which delays startup of the routes after
+the camel context is properly started and attempt to restart routes that
+have not been starter successfully
+** _ClusteredRouteController_ which leverages _Cluster SPI_ to start
+routes only when the context is elected as leader
+Fixed these issues
+* Fixed a infinitive recursion in Camel's link:error-handler.html[Error
+Handler] when an onException was routing to another route using direct
+endpoint and this route would throw a new exception that would circle
+back to the same onException or at a later point, which will cause an
+endless recursion.
+* Fixed a potential issue with masking password from URI using RAW(xxx)
+would reveal part of the password if the password contains a &
+* The link:restlet.html[Restlet] component is now internally using curly
+brackets for its uri patterns instead of regular parentheses so it works
+similar to the other REST component and as Restlet framework itself does
+* Fixed link:hystrix-eip.html[Hystrix EIP] having wrong default for
+circuitBreakerForceClose when using camel-hystrix-starter with Spring
+Boot. The default should be false and not true
+* Fixed link:hystrix-eip.html[Hystrix EIP] when failing and running
+fallback not signaling to Hystrix itself so it can keep state of the
+failure and react accordingly to run in half-open mode as well.
+* Fixed link:mdc-logging.html[MDC logging] loosing route id after
+calling a direct route from within a transacted route
+* Fixed a regression with link:bean.html[Bean]
+and link:simple.html[Simple] OGNL expressions causing ambiguous method
+call exception when calling method implemented by super class when
+method is defined by interface and abstract class
+* Fixed link:rest-dsl.html[Rest DSL] (server side) not returning
+response on all valid uri paths when clients call using a HTTP OPTIONS
+* Fixed link:rest.html[Rest] producer not using HTTP method (verb such
+as PUT) from the endpoint uri when calling a remote REST service
+* Fixed link:timer.html[Timer] routes to shutdown more graceful and
+allow pending tasks to complete while they are in-flight.
+* Fixed configuring link:rest-dsl.html[Rest DSL] via|yaml in link:spring-boot.html[Spring Boot] not
+* Fixed[Simple
+Language] to add support negative numbers(without single or double
+quotes) in predicates
+* Fixed configuring link:rest-dsl.html[Rest DSL] in Spring Boot / yaml for properties to data format, component,
+api, cors etc to use a map structure and make it work.
+* Fixed configuring link:rest-dsl.html[Rest DSL] using property
+placeholders in the path parameters such as the defaultValue.
+* Fixed an issue with parallel processing (in non-streaming mode) in
+some EIPs may cause CPU burning cycles while waiting for pending tasks
+to complete or timeout.
+* Fixed an issue with copying streams could block forever due IBM
+application server would mistakenly return 0 instead of -1 to indicate
+EOL for an empty stream. 
+* Fixed an issue with making link:jms.html[JMS] and link:sjms.html[SJMS]
+components work with ActiveMQ Artemis that would otherwise causes a
+* Fixed link:rabbitmq.html[RabbitMQ] to better recover connection if
+exchange/queue has been deleted manually on the broker.
+* Fixed link:websocket.html[Websocket] component wasn't working with
+returning static content
+### New Components
+* camel-atomix - a component to integrate Camel with Atomix
+* camel-aws - added lamda component to be used for invoking and working
+with AWS Lambda functions
+* camel-caffeine - a component that allows you to interact with a
+Caffeine cache
+* camel-crypto-cms - a component for cryptographic message syntax
+* camel-google-bigquery - Google BigQuery data warehouse for analytics.
+* camel-headersmap - a faster implementation of case-insenstive map
+(used by camel message headers) which can be added to classpath at
+runtime to be auto installed
+* camel-json-validator - validates the payload of a message using Everit
+JSON schema validator.
+* camel-iec60870 - to integrate Camel with IEC 60870-5-104 IoT devices
+* camel-ldif - the ldif component allows you to do updates on an LDAP
+server from a LDIF body content.
+* camel-master - a component that leverage _Cluster SPI _to ensure that
+only a single consumer in a camel cluster is active at any point in
+* camel-reactor - a reactor based back-end for camel's reactive streams
+* camel-thrift - the Thrift component allows to call and expose remote
+procedures (RPC) with Apache Thrift data format and serialization
+* camel-twilio - a component that allows you to interact with
+[Twilio] REST APIs to call phones, send texts,
+etc. from a Camel route
+### New Annotations
+* Added predicate to Consume
+### New Data formats
+* camel-asn1 - the ASN.1 data format is used for file transfer with
+telecommunications protocols.
+* camel-fastjson - JSon data format (using the FastJSon library) is used
+for unmarshal a JSon payload to POJO or to marshal POJO back to JSon
+* camel-thrift - the Thrift data format allows to call and expose remote
+procedures (RPC) with Apache Thrift data format and serialization
+### Important changes to consider when upgrading
+* Maven 3.3.3 or newer is required to build the project
+* camel-dropbox - upgraded to v2 api as v1 is EOL and no longer possible
+to use with dropbox. The v2 upgrade was not straightforward so there can
+be backward compatible issues, which is out of our hands.
+* camel-infinispan - the result is not more set in the
+CamelInfinispanOperationResult header but in the in body. To change this
+behavior you can set the header CamelInfinispanOperationResultHeader
+with the name of the header that should contains the result or with the
+resultHeader uri option
+* camel-infinispan - the uri option _command_ has been deprecated and
+replaced by _operation_ for consistency
+* camel-infinispan - the commands are now int the short form PUT, GET
+etc. old operation names like CamelInfinispanOperationPut,
+CamelInfinispanOperationGet etc have been deprecated.
+* camel-undertow - matchOnUriPrefix option is defaulted to be FALSE in
+order to make it consistent with other components like Camel HTTP
+* Splitted link:twitter.html[Twitter] component into 4, now
+directmessage, seach, streaming and timeline has its own endpoint and
+See[documentation] for
+more details +
+* RuntimeEndpointRegistry is no longer in extended mode by default. To
+use that you need to set management statistics level to Extended
+* There is no RuntimeEndpointRegistry in use by default. You need to
+explicit configure a registry to be used, or turn it on via management
+agent, or set the statics level to extended mode.
+* Camel with Spring XML routes will no longer register endpoints in the
+Spring registry from Camel routes where <from> or <to> have endpoints
+assigned with an explicit id attribute. The
+option registerEndpointIdsFromRoute can be set to true on <camelContext>
+to be backwards compatible. However this registration is deprecated,
+instead you should use <endpoint> to register Camel endpoints with id's
+in Spring registry.
+* camel-spring-dm has been removed as it was not working properly anyway
+and was deprecated some releases ago. For XML DSL with OSGi use
+camel-blueprint instead.
+* Copying streams in IOHelper from came-core now regard EOL of data if
+the first read byte is zero to work around issues on some application
+servers like IBM WebSphere. This can be turned off by setting JVM system
+property "camel.zeroByteEOLEnabled=false".
+* The camel-jms component now dependes by default on the JMS 2.0 API
+(geronimo-jms_2.0_spec) instead of JMS 1.1 API (geronimo-jms_1.1_spec).
+However camel-jms works at runtime with both JMS 1.1 or 2.0 specs so
+include the JMS spec JARs of your choice.
+* camel-kura upgraded to newer OSGi API version
+* camel-stomp uses the destination as-is, where as before it would
+replace all slash characters with colon. But according to the STOMP spec
+the destination should be used as-is, and is broker specific.
+* camel-ignite is updated from using Ignite version 1.9.x to 2.2.x
+### Getting the Binaries using Maven 
+To use this release in your maven project, the proper dependency
+configuration that you should use in your
+POM] is:
+  <groupId>org.apache.camel</groupId>
+  <artifactId>camel-core</artifactId>
+  <version>2.20.0</version>
+### Changelog
+For a more detailed view of new features and bug fixes, see the:
+notes for 2.20.0]

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