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Subject [05/17] camel git commit: Update - Add Prefix "camelSalesforce"
Date Fri, 20 Mar 2015 21:30:36 GMT
Update - Add Prefix "camelSalesforce"

The suffix "camelSalesforce" needs to be added as prefix to the properties.
The command should be corrected as:
mvn camel-salesforce:generate -DcamelSalesforce.clientId=<clientid> -DcamelSalesforce.clientSecret=<clientsecret>
-DcamelSalesforce.userName=<username> -DcamelSalesforce.password=<password>


Branch: refs/heads/camel-2.12.x
Commit: 10c80635eb75f43646a44192727548391172dc03
Parents: 583ee40
Author: yelamanchili-murali <>
Authored: Fri Oct 3 15:48:34 2014 +1000
Committer: Dhiraj Bokde <>
Committed: Fri Mar 20 14:24:42 2015 -0700

 .../camel-salesforce/camel-salesforce-maven-plugin/       | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)
diff --git a/components/camel-salesforce/camel-salesforce-maven-plugin/ b/components/camel-salesforce/camel-salesforce-maven-plugin/
index 5bfd808..0424771 100644
--- a/components/camel-salesforce/camel-salesforce-maven-plugin/
+++ b/components/camel-salesforce/camel-salesforce-maven-plugin/
@@ -21,6 +21,6 @@ The plugin configuration has the following properties.
 Fro obvious security reasons it is recommended that the clientId, clientSecret, userName
and password fields be not set in the pom.xml. 
 The plugin should be configured for the rest of the properties, and can be executed using
the following command:
-	mvn camel-salesforce:generate -DclientId=<clientid> -DclientSecret=<clientsecret>
-DuserName=<username> -Dpassword=<password>
+	mvn camel-salesforce:generate -DcamelSalesforce.clientId=<clientid> -DcamelSalesforce.clientSecret=<clientsecret>
-DcamelSalesforce.userName=<username> -DcamelSalesforce.password=<password>
 The generated DTOs use Jackson and XStream annotations. All Salesforce field types are supported.
Date and time fields are mapped to Joda DateTime, and picklist fields are mapped to generated
Java Enumerations. 

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