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Subject [CONF] Apache Camel > Message Bus
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2012 19:23:00 GMT
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    <h4>Page <b>edited</b> by             <a href="">Babak
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            <tr><td class="diff-unchanged" >h3. Message Bus <br> <br></td></tr>
            <tr><td class="diff-changed-lines" >Camel supports the [Message <span
<span class="diff-added-words"style="background-color: #dfd;">Bus|]</span>
from the [EIP patterns|Enterprise Integration Patterns]. You could view Camel as a Message
Bus itself as it allows producers and consumers to be decoupled. <br></td></tr>
            <tr><td class="diff-unchanged" > <br></td></tr>
            <tr><td class="diff-changed-lines" ><span class="diff-deleted-words"style="color:#999;background-color:#fdd;text-decoration:line-through;">!!</span>
<span class="diff-added-words"style="background-color: #dfd;">!!</span>
            <tr><td class="diff-unchanged" > <br>Folks often assume that
a Message Bus is a JMS though so you may wish to refer to the [JMS] component for traditional
MOM support. <br></td></tr>
            <tr><td class="diff-snipped" >...<br></td></tr>
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        <h3><a name="MessageBus-MessageBus"></a>Message Bus</h3>

<p>Camel supports the <a href=""
class="external-link" rel="nofollow">Message Bus</a> from the <a href="/confluence/display/CAMEL/Enterprise+Integration+Patterns"
title="Enterprise Integration Patterns">EIP patterns</a>. You could view Camel as
a Message Bus itself as it allows producers and consumers to be decoupled.</p>

<p><span class="image-wrap" style=""><img src=""
style="border: 0px solid black" /></span></p>

<p>Folks often assume that a Message Bus is a JMS though so you may wish to refer to
the <a href="/confluence/display/CAMEL/JMS" title="JMS">JMS</a> component for
traditional MOM support.<br/>
Also worthy of note is the <a href="/confluence/display/CAMEL/XMPP" title="XMPP">XMPP</a>
component for supporting messaging over XMPP (Jabber)</p>

<p>Of course there are also ESB products such as <a href=""
class="external-link" rel="nofollow">Apache ServiceMix</a> which serve as full fledged
message busses.<br/>
You can interact with <a href="" class="external-link"
rel="nofollow">Apache ServiceMix</a> from Camel in many ways, but in particular you
can use the <a href="/confluence/display/CAMEL/NMR" title="NMR">NMR</a> or <a
href="/confluence/display/CAMEL/JBI" title="JBI">JBI</a> component to access the
ServiceMix message bus directly.</p>

<h4><a name="MessageBus-UsingThisPattern"></a>Using This Pattern</h4>

<p>If you would like to use this EIP Pattern then please read the <a href="/confluence/display/CAMEL/Getting+Started"
title="Getting Started">Getting Started</a>, you may also find the <a href="/confluence/display/CAMEL/Architecture"
title="Architecture">Architecture</a> useful particularly the description of <a
href="/confluence/display/CAMEL/Endpoint" title="Endpoint">Endpoint</a> and <a
href="/confluence/display/CAMEL/URIs" title="URIs">URIs</a>. Then you could try out
some of the <a href="/confluence/display/CAMEL/Examples" title="Examples">Examples</a>
first before trying this pattern out.</p>
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