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Subject svn commit: r824344 - in /websites/production/camel/content: cache/main.pageCache camel-2100-release.html
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2012 00:18:00 GMT
Author: buildbot
Date: Wed Jul  4 00:17:59 2012
New Revision: 824344

Production update by buildbot for camel


Modified: websites/production/camel/content/cache/main.pageCache
Binary files - no diff available.

Modified: websites/production/camel/content/camel-2100-release.html
--- websites/production/camel/content/camel-2100-release.html (original)
+++ websites/production/camel/content/camel-2100-release.html Wed Jul  4 00:17:59 2012
@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@
         <div class="top_red_bar">
           <div id="site-breadcrumbs">
                 <!-- Breadcrumbs -->
-<a href="index.html">Apache Camel</a>&nbsp;&gt;&nbsp;<a href="community.html">Community</a>&nbsp;&gt;&nbsp;<a
href="in-progress.html">In Progress</a>&nbsp;&gt;&nbsp;<a href="camel-2100-release.html">Camel
2.10.0 Release</a>
+<a href="index.html">Apache Camel</a>&nbsp;&gt;&nbsp;<a href="community.html">Community</a>&nbsp;&gt;&nbsp;<a
href="download.html">Download</a>&nbsp;&gt;&nbsp;<a href="camel-2100-release.html">Camel
2.10.0 Release</a>
           <!-- Quicklinks -->
 <div id="site-quicklinks"><p><a shape="rect" href="download.html" title="Download">Download</a>
| <a shape="rect" href="javadoc.html" title="JavaDoc">JavaDoc</a> | <a shape="rect"
href="source.html" title="Source">Source</a> | <a shape="rect" href="discussion-forums.html"
title="Discussion Forums">Forums</a> | <a shape="rect" href="support.html" title="Support">Support</a></p></div>
@@ -75,14 +75,14 @@
         <td valign="top" width="100%">
-<div class="wiki-content maincontent"><h1><a shape="rect" name="Camel2.10.0Release-Camel2.10.0release%28currentlyinprogress%29"></a>Camel
2.10.0 release (currently in progress)</h1>
+<div class="wiki-content maincontent"><h1><a shape="rect" name="Camel2.10.0Release-Camel2.10.0release"></a>Camel
2.10.0 release</h1>
 <div style="padding-right:20px;float:left;margin-left:-20px;"><p><span class="image-wrap"
style=""><img src=""
style="border: 0px solid black"></span></p></div>
 <div style="min-height:200px"></div>
 <h2><a shape="rect" name="Camel2.10.0Release-NewandNoteworthy"></a>New
and Noteworthy</h2>
-<p>Welcome to the 2.10.0 release with approximately XXX issues resolved - including
new features, improvements, and bug fixes, such as: </p>
+<p>Welcome to the 2.10.0 release with approximately 483 issues resolved - including
new features, improvements, and bug fixes, such as: </p>
 <ul><li>Added support for Java 1.7</li><li>Added consumer to <a
shape="rect" href="jcr.html" title="JCR">JCR</a> component</li><li>Internal
code cleanup to reduce warnings reported by Eclipse</li><li>Moved <a shape="rect"
href="spring-testing.html" title="Spring Testing">Spring Testing</a> from <tt>camel-test</tt>
to <tt>camel-test-spring</tt> component.</li><li>Camel <a shape="rect"
href="using-propertyplaceholder.html" title="Using PropertyPlaceholder">Property Placeholders</a>
are now supported in embedded <a shape="rect" href="expression.html" title="Expression">Expression</a>s
within Camel routes.</li><li>Added missing options in the XML DSL for the <a
shape="rect" href="xpath.html" title="XPath">XPath</a> language to control and set
which XPath Engine to use, etc.</li><li>Added option <tt>logNamespaces</tt>
to the <a shape="rect" href="xpath.html" title="XPath">XPath</a> language to have
<tt>INFO</tt> logging of detected namespaces from message.  This can be used to
 oubleshoot issues where an <a shape="rect" href="xpath.html" title="XPath">XPath</a>
expression doesn't work as expected (as it's often a namespace conflict).</li><li>Added
<tt>replyToCacheLevelName</tt> option to the <a shape="rect" href="jms.html"
title="JMS">JMS</a> component, allowing configuration of cache levels for persistent
reply consumers when doing request/reply over JMS. Some message brokers do not work well with
caching, so users may need to set this option to <tt>CACHE_NONE</tt>.</li><li>Added
<tt>antInclude</tt> and <tt>antExclude</tt> options to <a shape="rect"
href="file2.html" title="File2">File</a> and <a shape="rect" href="ftp2.html"
title="FTP2">FTP</a> components to make it easier to specify include/exclude filters
using ANT syntax.</li><li>The <a shape="rect" href="camel-maven-archetypes.html"
title="Camel Maven Archetypes">Camel archetypes</a> for Java and Scala no longer
generate projects with Spring dependencies.</li><li>Improved <tt>JdbcMessageIdRe
 pository</tt> in the <a shape="rect" href="sql-component.html" title="SQL Component">SQL</a>
to use custom SQL statements/queries.</li><li>Added option to <a shape="rect"
href="properties.html" title="Properties">Properties</a> to allow silently ignoring
property locations not found, such as a .properties file.</li><li>Added <tt>managementNamePattern</tt>
attribute to <tt>&lt;camelContext&gt;</tt> to make it very easy to customize
and control the JMX naming of the Camel application. See details at <a shape="rect" href="camel-jmx.html#CamelJMX-CamelJMXManagementNamingStrategy">Camel
JMX</a>. For example, in OSGi environments you can explicitly configure a <tt>managementNamePattern</tt>
in case you do not want the bundleId as part of MBean names.</li><li>Added streaming
update support to <a shape="rect" href="solr.html" title="Solr">Solr</a> as well
as support for SolrInputDocuments</li><li>Added SolrJ DirectXMLRequest support
to <a shape="rect" href="solr.html" title="Solr">S
 olr</a> to support XML based index updates</li><li>Improved Camel <a
shape="rect" href="mail.html" title="Mail">Mail</a> to support the <tt>replyTo</tt>
option</li><li>Added <tt>traceEnabled</tt> option to <a shape="rect"
href="jetty.html" title="Jetty">Jetty</a> component so you have control over whether
to allow HTTP TRACE calls against your Jetty endpoints.</li><li>Polished the <a
shape="rect" href="camel-maven-archetypes.html" title="Camel Maven Archetypes">Camel Maven
Archetypes</a> to let the projects be prepared for <a shape="rect" href="testing.html"
title="Testing">Testing</a>, and fixed any WARNs from Maven.</li><li>Added
<tt>dumpRouteStatsAsXml</tt> methods to <a shape="rect" href="camel-jmx.html"
title="Camel JMX">JMX</a> to make it easier to get the total performance stats as
XML, and in one JMX call.</li><li><a shape="rect" href="graceful-shutdown.html"
title="Graceful Shutdown">Graceful Shutdown</a> is now more aggressive if timeout
occurred during shutdown, r
 ejecting continued processing of messages or redeliveries.</li><li>Add <tt>ShutdownPrepared</tt>
SPI to allow custom Services (also EIPs) in routes to do custom code in preparation for shutdown.</li><li>The
<tt>camel-archetype-java</tt> <a shape="rect" href="camel-maven-archetypes.html"
title="Camel Maven Archetypes">Camel Maven Archetypes</a> is now a pure Java DSL
based project (no longer Spring)</li><li><a shape="rect" href="jms.html" title="JMS">JMS</a>
consumer is less verbose when logging uncaught exceptions thrown while processing a message.
Added <tt>errorHandlerLoggingLevel</tt>, and <tt>errorHandlerLogStackTrace</tt>
options to tweak the logging verbosity.</li><li>Added <tt>messageId</tt>
as an <a shape="rect" href="mdc-logging.html" title="MDC logging">MDC logging</a>
key.</li><li>Improved Camel's Transaction <a shape="rect" href="error-handler.html"
title="Error Handler">Error Handler</a> logging to better pinpoint and correlate
redelivered messages (from, e.g., 
 a JMS broker), making the logs much easier to read.</li><li>Added a timeout option
to <a shape="rect" href="spring-web-services.html" title="Spring Web Services">Spring
Web Services</a> for specifying the read timeout while invoking a webservice.</li><li>Optimized
<a shape="rect" href="type-converter.html" title="Type Converter">Type Converter</a>
registry for possible concurrency contention when looking up a type converter.</li><li>Improved
<a shape="rect" href="simple.html" title="Simple">Simple</a> language to work
better with floating point numbers in <a shape="rect" href="predicate.html" title="Predicate">Predicate</a>s</li><li>Camel
is now less verbose when starting and stopping, with less being logged at <tt>INFO</tt>
level.</li><li>Add support for keyed data queues to <a shape="rect" href="jt400.html"
title="JT400">JT400</a> component.</li><li><a shape="rect" href="idempotent-consumer.html"
title="Idempotent Consumer">Idempotent Consumer</a> is now enlisted in JMX, w
 hich allows monitoring the duplicate message count as well as the operation to reset it.</li><li>Thread
pools registered in <a shape="rect" href="camel-jmx.html" title="Camel JMX">JMX</a>
are now unregistered when Camel shuts them down. Note that all MBeans will be unregistered
from JMX when Camel shuts itself down. This improvement is to unregister thread pools more
eagerly, such as when routes are removed at runtime.</li><li>Camel will now also
copy the message headers for a <tt>JmsMessage</tt> if you leverage <tt>useOriginalMessage</tt>
in an <tt>onException</tt> definition.</li><li>Added <tt>mockEndpointsAndSkip</tt>
to <a shape="rect" href="advicewith.html" title="AdviceWith">AdviceWith</a> and
the <a shape="rect" href="testing.html" title="Testing">Test Kit</a></li><li>The
<a shape="rect" href="file2.html" title="File2">File</a> and <a shape="rect"
href="ftp2.html" title="FTP2">FTP</a> components now support filtering directories.
The <tt>isDirectory</tt> method on the
  <tt>GenericFile</tt> class can be used to skip unwanted directories, accelerating
file consumption.</li><li><a shape="rect" href="smpp.html" title="SMPP">SMPP</a>
connections can now be tunneled through an HTTP proxy by configuring HTTP proxy settings.</li><li>Camel
now also checks, when starting a route dynamically, whether there would be any violations
on multiple consumers from the same <a shape="rect" href="endpoint.html" title="Endpoint">Endpoint</a>.
Previously this check only occurred during Camel startup - now it always happens.</li><li>Stopping
a <tt>ConsumerTemplate</tt> or a <tt>ProducerTemplate</tt> will now
stop and shutdown its cache to cleanup any resources which otherwise may not have been reclaimed
until shutdown.</li><li><a shape="rect" class="external-link" href="">ScheduledPollConsumer</a>
will now shutdown thread pools more eagerly, such as when stop
 ping a <tt>ConsumerTemplate</tt>.</li><li>Added option <tt>asyncStartListener</tt>
to <a shape="rect" href="jms.html" title="JMS">JMS</a> to allow starting JMS consumers
(e.g. routes) asynchronously. This can be used to avoid blocking in case the JMS consumer
takes long time to establish a connection to the JMS broker.</li><li><a shape="rect"
href="wire-tap.html" title="Wire Tap">Wire Tap</a> now supports <a shape="rect"
href="error-handling-in-camel.html" title="Error handling in Camel">Error Handling</a>
when sending a tapped message to an <a shape="rect" href="endpoint.html" title="Endpoint">Endpoint</a>.</li><li>Added
the autogenColumns, configRef and strategyRef options to the <a shape="rect" href="csv.html"
title="CSV">CSV</a> dataformat in XML DSL whereas the new skipFirstLine option is
provided in Java API as well.</li><li><a shape="rect" href="validation.html"
title="Validation">Validator</a> component will now fail with a better error message
if resource schema ref
 ers to element which cannot be resolved.</li><li>Added support for retrieving
generated keys from <a shape="rect" href="jdbc.html" title="JDBC">JDBC</a> component.</li><li>Added
support for Spring 3.1.x.</li><li>Added <tt>retainFirst</tt>, and
<tt>retainLast</tt> options to <a shape="rect" href="mock.html" title="Mock">Mock</a>
component.</li><li>Improved <a shape="rect" href="simple.html" title="Simple">Simple</a>
language to allow referring to headers using bracket notation.</li><li>Added support
for the scp: protocol via <a shape="rect" href="jsch.html" title="Jsch">Jsch</a>.</li><li>Added
support to exclude certain fields when marshalling POJO's to <a shape="rect" href="json.html"
title="JSON">JSON</a>. Available with both the Jackson and GSON library.</li><li>Allow
to configure frequency of timeout checker when doing request/reply over <a shape="rect"
href="jms.html" title="JMS">JMS</a></li><li>Improved the Java DSL to
make it easier to use predicates from the build-in 
 DSL, that has commonly used predicates and expressions.</li><li><a shape="rect"
href="aggregator2.html" title="Aggregator2">Aggregate</a> EIP now supports <tt>TimeoutAwareAggregationStrategy</tt>
aggregation strategies.</li><li>The default <tt>Injector</tt> now
performs bean post processing to inject @Produce, @Consume, @EndpointInject fields etc.</li><li>The
<a shape="rect" href="camel-run-maven-goal.html" title="Camel Run Maven Goal">camel-run</a>
maven plugin now supports running <a shape="rect" href="using-osgi-blueprint-with-camel.html"
title="Using OSGi blueprint with Camel">OSGi Blueprint applications</a>.</li><li>Added
utilization statistics to the type converter registry (which can be accessed from <a shape="rect"
href="camel-jmx.html" title="Camel JMX">JMX</a>), and are logged as Camel is shutting
down.</li><li>Improved <a shape="rect" href="camel-jmx.html" title="Camel JMX">JMX</a>
to work better with servers such as WebSphere which alters MBean names when enlisti
 ng mbeans into the server (Camel now have an internal mapping table).</li><li>All
<a shape="rect" href="eip.html" title="EIP">EIP</a>s out of the box from Camel
now provides <a shape="rect" href="camel-jmx.html" title="Camel JMX">JMX</a> utilization
statistics.</li><li>The <a shape="rect" href="file2.html" title="File2">File</a>
and <a shape="rect" href="ftp2.html" title="FTP2">FTP</a> consumers will now let
<tt>org.apache.camel.spi.ExceptionHandler</tt> deal with exceptions occurred during
acquiring real lock as well. See <a shape="rect" href="file2.html" title="File2">File</a>
page for example of using a custom <tt>ExceptionHandler</tt>.</li><li>Reduce
the logging level from ERROR to WARN on the default <tt>LoggingExceptionHandler</tt>.</li><li>Added
option <tt>consumer.bridgeErrorHandler</tt> to allow consumers such as <a shape="rect"
href="file2.html" title="File2">File</a> and <a shape="rect" href="ftp2.html"
title="FTP2">FTP</a> to use the routing engine <a shape="rect
 " href="error-handler.html" title="Error Handler">Error Handler</a> to deal with
exceptions occurring in the consumer (outside the routing engine), for example if having trouble
picking up a file from a shared network drive etc. See more details at <a shape="rect"
href="file2.html" title="File2">File</a> page. This option applies to all consumers
which extends the <tt>DefaultConsumer</tt> from <tt>camel-core</tt>.</li><li>Added
<tt>eagerMaxMessagesPerPoll</tt> option to <a shape="rect" href="file2.html"
title="File2">File</a>, and <a shape="rect" href="ftp2.html" title="FTP2">FTP</a>
endpoints to allow to do a full sorting of the files and also limit the pool at the same time</li><li>The
<a shape="rect" href="xslt.html" title="XSLT">XSLT</a>, <a shape="rect" href="velocity.html"
title="Velocity">Velocity</a>, <a shape="rect" href="freemarker.html" title="FreeMarker">FreeMarker</a>,
and <a shape="rect" href="stringtemplate.html" title="StringTemplate">StringTemplate</a>
 nents using http resource for the template now supports query parameters</li><li>You
can specify the class type with <a shape="rect" href="bindy.html" title="Bindy">Bindy</a>
to make it stand out what type is being used, as well the <tt>unmarshal</tt> operation
returns a list of the pojos (and the pojo directly if only 1). Which makes it easier to use/work
with.</li><li>Added <tt>group</tt> option to <a shape="rect" href="tokenizer.html"
title="Tokenizer">Tokenizer</a> to make it easier with the <a shape="rect" href="splitter.html"
title="Splitter">Splitter</a> to split by combining N number of parts together, eg
splitting files in chunks by N lines combined.</li><li>Camel is now compatible
to the upcoming Karaf 3 release</li><li>Added <tt>ExchangeSendingEvent</tt>
to <tt>EventNotifier</tt> to emit an event <b>before</b> sending an
<a shape="rect" href="exchange.html" title="Exchange">Exchange</a> to an <a
shape="rect" href="endpoint.html" title="Endpoint">Endpoint</a>. Then
  we have events for both before and after.</li><li>Relaxed syntax check in <a
shape="rect" href="simple.html" title="Simple">Simple</a> language to only scan for
functions if a start token was explicit configured. This allows to easier do json like expressions.</li><li>Added
support for escaping values in <a shape="rect" href="simple.html" title="Simple">Simple</a>
language using the \ character.</li><li>Added new <a shape="rect" href="camel-maven-archetypes.html"
title="Camel Maven Archetypes">Camel Maven Archetypes</a> for creating new <a
shape="rect" href="component.html" title="Component">Component</a> using Scala.</li><li>Added
<tt>trim</tt> option to <a shape="rect" href="languages.html" title="Languages">Languages</a>
in the XML DSL, to control trimming the expression values, to remove the whitespace noise
from XML tags.</li><li>Improved the <a shape="rect" href="file2.html" title="File2">File</a>
consumer to support competing consumers on a shared drive to not pickup
  files from other consumers, as marker file is always used, for <tt>readLock</tt>
strategies such as changed, rename and fileLock. For example if you have a clustered environment
and have multiple Camel applications pickup files from a shared drive with <tt>readLock=changed</tt>.</li><li>The
<a shape="rect" href="file2.html" title="File2">File</a> consumer with <tt>readLock=changed</tt>
will now consider zero length file as in progress files.</li><li>Made it easier
to <a shape="rect" href="using-propertyplaceholder.html" title="Using PropertyPlaceholder">bridge
Spring and Camel property placeholders</a>, by configuring only once, using a new <tt>BridgePropertyPlaceholderConfigurer</tt>
bean type.</li><li>Improved the <a shape="rect" href="smpp.html" title="SMPP">SMPP</a>
component to refer to a <tt>org.jsmpp.session.SessionStateListener</tt> to receive
callbacks when the session state changed.</li><li>Added connection pooling to
<a shape="rect" href="jt400.html" title="JT400
 ">JT400</a> component</li><li><a shape="rect" href="restlet.html"
title="Restlet">Restlet</a> component can be configured with Restlet Server parameters,
for example to configure thread pool sizes.</li><li>CamelContext MBean in <a
shape="rect" href="camel-jmx.html" title="Camel JMX">JMX</a> now shows aggregated
performance stats for all the routes</li><li>Made it easy to override properties
when <a shape="rect" href="testing.html" title="Testing">Testing</a> with Camel
when <a shape="rect" href="using-propertyplaceholder.html" title="Using PropertyPlaceholder">Using
PropertyPlaceholder</a>. For example unit testing with OSGi Blueprint using config admin
service to provide properties, is now easy as you can provide the properties from directly
within the unit test source code itself.</li><li>Improved <a shape="rect" href="netty.html"
title="Netty">Netty</a> to support both shareable and non-shareable encoders and
decoders.</li><li>Improved <a shape="rect" href="netty.html" ti
 tle="Netty">Netty</a> to support proxy use cases (eg <tt>from(netty).to(netty)</tt>)</li><li>Added
<tt>CompletionAwareAggregationStrategy</tt> to <a shape="rect" href="aggregator2.html"
title="Aggregator2">Aggregator</a> EIP as callback when the aggregated exchange is
completed.</li><li>Scheduled <a shape="rect" href="polling-consumer.html" title="Polling
Consumer">Polling Consumer</a> and poll based <a shape="rect" href="component.html"
title="Component">Component</a>s such as <a shape="rect" href="file2.html" title="File2">File</a>,
and <a shape="rect" href="ftp2.html" title="FTP2">FTP</a> can now use a custom/shared
thread pool for its consumer(s). For example having many file routes, can now share a thread
pool, and reduce number of overall threads in the JVM.</li><li>Optimized <a
shape="rect" href="bean.html" title="Bean">Bean</a> expressions to cache bean introspections
so subsequent evaluations is faster.</li></ul>

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