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Subject svn commit: r823915 - in /websites/production/camel/content: advicewith.html cache/main.pageCache
Date Sun, 01 Jul 2012 08:18:09 GMT
Author: buildbot
Date: Sun Jul  1 08:18:08 2012
New Revision: 823915

Production update by buildbot for camel


Modified: websites/production/camel/content/advicewith.html
--- websites/production/camel/content/advicewith.html (original)
+++ websites/production/camel/content/advicewith.html Sun Jul  1 08:18:08 2012
@@ -353,7 +353,52 @@ context.getRouteDefinitions().get(0).adv
 <p><b>Available as of Camel 2.9</b><br clear="none">
 It is recommended to override the method <tt>isUseAdviceWith</tt> and return
<tt>true</tt> to instruct Camel that you are using <tt>adviceWith</tt>
in the unit tests. Then in your unit test methods, after you have done the <tt>adviceWith</tt>
you <b>must</b> start <tt>CamelContext</tt> by invoke the <tt>start</tt>
method on the <tt>context</tt> instance. In the following we have an example.
The route is using <a shape="rect" href="activemq.html" title="ActiveMQ">ActiveMQ</a>
to route messages. What we would like to do in a unit test is to test the route, but without
having to set and use <a shape="rect" href="activemq.html" title="ActiveMQ">ActiveMQ</a>.
We do not have <a shape="rect" href="activemq.html" title="ActiveMQ">ActiveMQ</a>
on the classpath. So for that we need to advice the route and replace <a shape="rect" href="activemq.html"
title="ActiveMQ">ActiveMQ</a> with for example a <a shape="rect" href="seda.html"
title="SEDA">SEDA</a> endpoint instead. </p>
-<div class="error"><span class="error">Error formatting macro: snippet: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException:
Index: 20, Size: 20</span> </div></div>
+<div class="code panel" style="border-width: 1px;"><div class="codeHeader panelHeader"
style="border-bottom-width: 1px;"><b>isUseAdviceWith</b></div><div
class="codeContent panelContent">
+<pre class="code-java"><span class="code-keyword">public</span> class IsUseAdviceWithJUnit4Test
<span class="code-keyword">extends</span> org.apache.camel.test.junit4.CamelTestSupport
+    @Test
+    <span class="code-keyword">public</span> void testIsUseAdviceWith() <span
class="code-keyword">throws</span> Exception {
+        context.getRouteDefinitions().get(0).adviceWith(context, <span class="code-keyword">new</span>
AdviceWithRouteBuilder() {
+            @Override
+            <span class="code-keyword">public</span> void configure() <span
class="code-keyword">throws</span> Exception {
+                <span class="code-comment">// replace the from with seda:foo
+</span>                replaceFromWith(<span class="code-quote">"seda:foo"</span>);
+            }
+        });
+        <span class="code-comment">// we must manually start when we are done with
all the advice with
+</span>        context.start();
+        getMockEndpoint(<span class="code-quote">"mock:result"</span>).expectedMessageCount(1);
+        template.sendBody(<span class="code-quote">"seda:foo"</span>, <span
class="code-quote">"Hello World"</span>);
+        assertMockEndpointsSatisfied();
+    }
+    @Override
+    <span class="code-keyword">public</span> <span class="code-object">boolean</span>
isUseAdviceWith() {
+        <span class="code-comment">// tell we are using advice with, which allows us
to advice the route
+</span>        <span class="code-comment">// before Camel is being started, and
thus can replace activemq with something <span class="code-keyword">else</span>.
+</span>        <span class="code-keyword">return</span> <span class="code-keyword">true</span>;
+    }
+    <span class="code-comment">// This is the route we want to test
+</span>    @Override
+    <span class="code-keyword">protected</span> RouteBuilder createRouteBuilder()
<span class="code-keyword">throws</span> Exception {
+        <span class="code-keyword">return</span> <span class="code-keyword">new</span>
RouteBuilder() {
+            @Override
+            <span class="code-keyword">public</span> void configure() <span
class="code-keyword">throws</span> Exception {
+                <span class="code-comment">// we <span class="code-keyword">do</span>
not have activemq on the classpath
+</span>                <span class="code-comment">// but the route has it included
+</span>                from(<span class="code-quote">"activemq:queue:foo"</span>)
+                    .to(<span class="code-quote">"mock:result"</span>);
+            }
+        };
+    }
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Modified: websites/production/camel/content/cache/main.pageCache
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