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Subject [CONF] Apache Camel > Security
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2010 16:26:00 GMT
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    <h2><a href="">Security</a></h2>
    <h4>Page  <b>added</b> by             <a href="">Ashwin
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         <h2><a name="Security-Security"></a>Security </h2>

<p>Camel offers several forms &amp; levels of security capabilities that can be
utilized on camel routes. These various forms of security may be used in conjunction with
each other or separately.</p>

<p>The broad categories offered are</p>

	<li>Route Security - Authentication and Authorization services to proceed on a route
or route segment</li>
	<li>Payload Security - Data Formats that offer encryption/decryption services at the
payload level</li>
	<li>Endpoint Security - Security offered by components that can be utilized by endpointUri
associated with the component</li>

<h3><a name="Security-RouteSecurityAuthenticationandAuthorizationServices"></a>Route
Security - Authentication and Authorization Services</h3>

<p>Camel offers Policy driven security capabilities that may be wired into routes or
route segments. A Policy in Camel utilizes a strategy pattern for applying interceptors on
Camel Processors. It offering the ability to apply cross-cutting concerns (for example. security,
transactions etc) on sections/segments of a camel route.</p>

<p>The components offering authentication and authorization Services utilizing Route
Policies are</p>
	<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAMEL/Shiro+Security" title="Shiro Security">Shiro
	<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAMEL/Spring+Security" title="Spring Security">Spring

<h3><a name="Security-PayloadSecurityDataFormatsandProducers%2FConsumersofferingencryption%2Fdecryptionservices"></a>Payload
Security - Data Formats and Producers/Consumers offering encryption/decryption services</h3>

<p>Camel offers encryption/decryption services to secure payloads or selectively apply
encryption/decryption capabilities on portions/sections of a payload. </p>

<p>These capabilites are offered by the following components</p>
	<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAMEL/XMLSecurity+DataFormat" title="XMLSecurity
DataFormat">XMLSecurity DataFormat</a></li>
	<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAMEL/Crypto" title="Crypto">Crypto</a></li>

<h3><a name="Security-EndpointSecurity"></a>Endpoint Security</h3>

<p>Some components in camel offer an ability to secure their endpoints (using interceptors
etc) and therefore ensure that they offer the ability to secure payloads as well as provide
authentication/authorization capabilities at endpoints created using the components.</p>

<p>Some such components are</p>

	<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAMEL/Jetty" title="Jetty">Jetty</a> 
- HTTP Basic Authentication support</li>
	<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAMEL/CXF" title="CXF">CXF</a>    - HTTP
Basic Authentication &amp; WS-Security support using the CXF Bus driven interceptor chain</li>
	<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAMEL/Netty" title="Netty">Netty</a> 
- SSL support</li>
	<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAMEL/MINA" title="MINA">MINA</a>   -
SSL support</li>
	<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAMEL/Cometd" title="Cometd">Cometd</a>
- SSL support</li>
	<li><a href="/confluence/display/CAMEL/JMS" title="JMS">JMS</a>    - JAAS
and SSL based security for client &lt;--&gt; broker communication</li>

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