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From Stamatis Zampetakis <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] State of the project 2019
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2019 06:25:03 GMT
It's been a great year so far. Thanks for your great work Francis, you did
an excellent job!

I also like a lot the way that the mailing list works and the fact that we
are very active. Apart from helping each other it also centralizes a lot of
information, where people may find an answer to their problem quite easily.
When I first started to learn about Calcite, the list and the archives were

It is also very positive that we don't encounter very often regressions
(and most of those encountered were minor), which shows that the quality
standards of the project are really high and reviewers are really paying
attention on what is going in. I believe a lot in the motto of quality over

Although we are managing PRs a bit better than the previous years, we have
to improve more. I had in my mind that if people assigned to themselves the
review of the JIRA/PR the feeling of responsibility would make things
advance faster. I tried applying this to myself but it didn't really work
much better since there is certainly a lack of time. Other than lack of
time sometimes it is our diligence that makes PRs wait a long time till
they get merged. Given that we have a version control system (and at any
time we can go back in time) we should be more confident about committing
things faster.

Calcite is a great project that could be used in many different ways by
many people. Unfortunately, I think we are losing many users simply because
they are not aware that such a project exists. At least in Europe, academic
people and as a result university students, graduates, and future engineers
do not know that Calcite exists. I gave a talk last year in a university in
France, and nobody in the audience had ever heard of Calcite before. I
think such introductory talks in universities should be done more often.
The talks about Calcite in conferences is of course a great way to spread
the word; thanks to everybody who got involved in them and keep it up.

Thanks a lot for the nomination for PMC chair! I will be honoured and very
happy to serve if I am elected.


On Wed, Oct 23, 2019 at 6:40 AM Juan Pan <> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Actually i think it's time to have my say after receiving the email
> titiled `Have your say!` from Julian Hyde.
> As a person new this project, i am appreciated community's help for my
> question ml, and glad to see its communnity so active and harmonious. Other
> than that, it also gives me some new ideas for our incubator project. As of
> now, i am exploring Calcite, so if possible, i want to do some
> contributions to it as well.
> Hope Apache Calcite better and better in future.
> Best wishes,
> Trista
>  Juan Pan
> Juan Pan(Trista), Apache ShardingSphere
> On 10/23/2019 11:21,Chunwei Lei<> wrote:
> Thank you for your great work, Francis!
> In the past year, I deeply feel that Calcite community is becoming more and
> more active, which means that more and
> more companies start to use Apache Calcite. This is very exciting and
> encouraging.
> Thanks to active contributions and committers, pull requests could be
> reviewed and merged in a short time currently
> which really benefits a lot.
> I also feel that there are quite a few tough legacy issues left. I hope we
> can spend more time discussing and finding out
> a solution in the future.
> Thanks!
> Best,
> Chunwei
> On Wed, Oct 23, 2019 at 9:38 AM Danny Chan <> wrote:
> Thanks for the state summarize Francis Chuang ! And thanks for the awesome
> work for keeping Calcite in good shape !
> From my perspective, I really feel that Calcite is becoming more and more
> popular and there are many new groups trying to use this great project, as
> a reviewer, I saw many contributions from all kinds of people. And I feel
> very proud of that !
> For the last year, I did many work to let Apache Flink and Calcite to have
> better integration, and I believe there would be more and more people to
> make contributions and make Calcite more pluggable and more suitable for
> production environments !
> I also very enjoy the absolute harmony of the community, we are fire
> interesting discussions on the mailing list and we did have some valuable
> conclusion(like the Join expression rework, the trait sets propagation, the
> metadata etc.) And I felt very happy and respected to work with you guys in
> the community. Let’s keep the good communications and output more valuable
> design !
> Thanks again to everyone !
> Best,
> Danny Chan
> 在 2019年10月22日 +0800 AM10:22,Julian Hyde <>,写道:
> I agree that we’ve made good progress on last year’s big problem, pull
> requests languishing for too long. The situation has been better, because a
> few people are putting in considerable effort reviewing. We still have some
> ways to go, so let’s keep up the good work.
> One of the successes of the year was to arrange release managers for
> several releases in advance. Each of the individuals stepped up and did a
> great job, and the release process was as smooth as it could possibly be
> for a project of this size. Because the work was shared, I think no
> individual felt that they were taking on an undue burden.
> I also want to mention the fact that we now have an awesome logo. Thank
> you for pushing that change through!
> +1 for Stamatis as candidate for the next PMC chair. I was going to
> propose him also.
> I am proud that we have appointed a new person as PMC chair every year.
> Each chair has brought a new perspective and energy to the role, and has
> advanced the community. Francis is no exception, and he has kept Calcite in
> good shape. Thank you, Francis!
> We were discussing in another thread about whether we should cleave
> Avatica into a more separate sub-project or top-level project. But I do
> note that Francis came from the Avatica side of the project (Avatica Go, in
> fact) and yet effortlessly and effectively spoke for the whole Calcite
> project. So, it gives me hope that there is still cohesion between the
> Calcite and Avatica communities.
> Julian
> On Oct 20, 2019, at 6:50 PM, Danny Chan <> wrote:
> Great work Francis! I’m + 1 for Stamatis being the PMC chair ~
> Best,
> Danny Chan
> 在 2019年10月21日 +0800 AM6:47,,写道:
> Francis

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