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From Francis Chuang <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Towards Avatica 1.16.0
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2019 23:26:01 GMT
Hey everyone,

It's been around 5 months since the last Avatica release. There's been a 
couple of commits to the code-base since and I'd like to use this as an 
opportunity to get a few more PRs in and make a release available for 
voting. I am happy to be release manager for this release.

In terms of PRs I am hoping for the following to be merged for this release:

- CALCITE-3384: Support Kerberos using SPNEGO over HTTPS - (Josh is reviewing)

- CALCITE-333: Add pluggable frame size limits - (looking for a reviewer)

- CALCITE-3199: Fix unixDateCeil and unixDateFloor - (looking for a reviewer)

- CALCITE-3162: Reading arrays from Calcite through JdbcMeta throws 
exception - (looking 
for a reviewer)

- CALCITE-3163: Mapping types in AbstractCursor does not adhere to JDBC 
spec - (looking for a 

- CALCITE-3158: Move build system to Gradle - (Vladimir has put a 
lot of effort into this. Can we get some consensus as to whether this 
should to be merged?)

- CALCITE-3078: Duplicate code for lastDay in Calcite and Avatica - (looking for a reviewer)

- No Jira: Support UNIX timestamp to string date - (can someone confirm 
if these changes are valid or should the PR be closed?)

- CALCITE-2704: Avoid using ISO-8859-1 to parse request in JSONHandler - (Someone posted some 
tests in the issue comments. Can someone please add the tests, review 
and merge?)

- CALCITE-1806: Add Spark JDBC tests - (Kevin, any chance you 
can take another look at this?)

If you have some spare cycles for Avatica, please pick up some of the 
PRs in this list, it would be very much appreciated!


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