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From Remus Rusanu <>
Subject Re: Cluster mismatch between RelNodes of a query and a materialized view
Date Wed, 08 Mar 2017 17:37:04 GMT
Agree on the RelOptCluster.

I noticed how adding new method to RelNode yields a gargantuan task (from the list of compile
errors I got…). But I’m not sure a RelShuttle can handle this. For my test case the 3
nodes that need to be cloned are HiveScanTable, HiveFilter and HiveProject, all declared in
Hive and not even extending AbstractRelNode but directly base RelNode. A RelShuttle wouldn’t
know about these types, and wouldn’t be able to create them (short of using reflection and
adhering to a strict constructor signature, which I think is much too fragile). What I did
to get the ball rolling I added a default implementation in AbstractRelNode (basically assert
‘must be implemented by subclass’), this allowed me to test easily and, as a proof of
concept, I have it working. But I reckon is fragile test wise, and new RelNode types wouldn’t
know about the requirement to provide a copyTo implementation.


On 3/8/17, 9:05 AM, "Julian Hyde" <> wrote:

    The argument should be a RelOptCluster, not a RelOptPlanner. The link from RelNode to
planner is indirect currently (via cluster) and will be non-existent after CALCITE-1536.
    I question whether we need a new method. Putting an abstract method on RelNode is a huge
burden because every RelNode sub-class needs to be fixed when people upgrade. Even a non-abstract
method imposes a conceptual burden: more methods to understand. 
    So, my approach would be to sub-class RelShuttle. It’s sufficient that it only works
for LogicalXxx nodes.
    No need to copy RexNode expressions. They are immutable.
    > On Mar 8, 2017, at 4:14 AM, Remus Rusanu <> wrote:
    > I created CALCITE-1681 and I intent
to work on it for finishing HIVE-15708.
    > My current thinking is to create a RelCopier based on RelShuttle and add a new abstract
RelNode.copyTo(RelOptPlanner) that each concrete Rel type must override. The Rex part is already
handled by the existing RexCopier.
    > Thanks,
    > ~Remus
    > On 3/6/17, 12:30 PM, "Julian Hyde" <> wrote:
    >    Every RelNode belongs to a RelOptCluster, and basically there is one RelOptCluster
created each time a query is prepared. When working with materialized views, the view’s
query is represented as a tree of RelNodes, that tree is used for optimizing more than one
query. When planning a particular query, the nodes of that query will have a different RelOptCluster
than the nodes of the materialized view(s) they are matched against. 
    >    How do we deal with this? Do we copy the nodes into the query’s cluster once
we have found a match? If so, how? I couldn’t find a sub-class of RelVisitor or RelShuttle
that copies trees to a different RelOptCluster.
    >    By the way, <>
aims to improve the RelNode life-cycle but I don’t think it will solve this problem.
    >    Julian

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