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From Julian Hyde <>
Subject The art of the commit comment
Date Thu, 30 Jul 2015 05:34:26 GMT
I thought I'd clarify the policy for commit comments when you (a
committer) are checking in someone else's change (from a pull request
or patch). The policy is:

0. The first line of the commit comment (called the "commit line") is
the most important. Make it short and descriptive[1].

1. If there is a corresponding jira case (and there should be, unless
the change is trivial), the commit line must be the case number in
square brackets followed by the case summary. Change the description
of the jira case, if necessary, to comply with point #0.

2. Give the author credit at the end of the commit line if they are
not a committer.

3. Follow the commit line by a blank line, and any extra remarks about
the change.

4. If the contribution came via a pull request, add a line instructing
github to close the pull request.

Here is a commit that illustrates all of these points:;a=commit;h=468a161bbd8fd4994085d96e2bc801209a17cf76



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