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Subject [3/6] incubator-calcite git commit: [CALCITE-870] Remove copyright content from archers.json
Date Sun, 13 Sep 2015 04:30:40 GMT
[CALCITE-870] Remove copyright content from archers.json

Also, convert to standard JSON format.


Branch: refs/heads/master
Commit: b3d35c03310e2e8aff57cb46e4985ed9e7506e1d
Parents: d4e31a1
Author: Julian Hyde <>
Authored: Fri Sep 11 12:42:32 2015 -0700
Committer: Julian Hyde <>
Committed: Fri Sep 11 13:34:00 2015 -0700

 .../java/org/apache/calcite/test/   |  4 +-
 example/csv/src/test/resources/bug/archers.json | 43 +++++++++-----------
 2 files changed, 21 insertions(+), 26 deletions(-)
diff --git a/example/csv/src/test/java/org/apache/calcite/test/ b/example/csv/src/test/java/org/apache/calcite/test/
index f228642..3fe8363 100644
--- a/example/csv/src/test/java/org/apache/calcite/test/
+++ b/example/csv/src/test/java/org/apache/calcite/test/
@@ -182,8 +182,8 @@ public class CsvTest {
             + " _MAP['title'] as title,\n"
             + " CHAR_LENGTH(CAST(_MAP['title'] AS VARCHAR(30))) as len\n"
             + " from \"archers\"",
-        "ID=19990101; TITLE=Washday blues.; LEN=14",
-        "ID=19990103; TITLE=Daniel creates a drama.; LEN=23");
+        "ID=19990101; TITLE=Tractor trouble.; LEN=16",
+        "ID=19990103; TITLE=Charlie's surprise.; LEN=19");
   private void checkSql(String model, String sql) throws SQLException {
diff --git a/example/csv/src/test/resources/bug/archers.json b/example/csv/src/test/resources/bug/archers.json
index 47dd0c5..37d20be 100644
--- a/example/csv/src/test/resources/bug/archers.json
+++ b/example/csv/src/test/resources/bug/archers.json
@@ -1,32 +1,27 @@
-  id: "19990101",
-  dow: "Friday",
-  longDate: "New Years Day",
-  title: "Washday blues.",
-  characters: [ "Helen", "Pat", "Sid", "Kathy", "Eddie", "Clarrie", "Joe " ],
-  script: "Louise Page",
-  summary: "",
-  lines: [
-    "It would have been John's birthday yesterday and the family celebrated New Year together.",
-    "Sid's determined to get fit in the New Year, starting by jogging around the green a
few times! He even wants Kathy to join him in a joint membership at Grey Gables' gym! They
could even do Clarrie a favour by paying her to mind Jamie while they are out. She, though,
is less convinced by his resolve.",
-    "Helen seems more than a little unsure about Tommy and Hayley's pig business, complaining
about everything from her perception that a 50-50 split in the profits is harsh on Tommy (after
all, Hayley is still living in Birmingham) to the way that the problems over the Christmas
pork would reflect badly on Pat and Tony's carefully crafted Bridge Farm reputation. She seems
to think that absorbing it into the farm would make proper business sense.",
-    "Still no new washing machine at Grange Farm, but Eddie, at least is not feeling too
down. He's even dreaming of next year's New Year's Eve party - only Clarrie isn't confident
that they'll still be there."
+  "id": "19990101",
+  "dow": "Friday",
+  "longDate": "New Years Day",
+  "title": "Tractor trouble.",
+  "characters": [ "Alice", "Bob", "Xavier" ],
+  "script": "Julian Hyde",
+  "summary": "",
+  "lines": [
+    "Bob's tractor got stuck in a field.",
+    "Alice and Xavier hatch a plan to surprise Charlie."
-  id: "19990103",
-  dow: "Sunday",
-  longDate: "Sunday 3rd January",
-  title: "Daniel creates a drama.",
-  characters: [ "Neil", "Susan", "Clarrie", "Debbie", "Brian", "Phil", "Jill" ],
-  script: "Christopher Hawes",
-  summary: "",
-  lines: [
-    "Neil and Susan are a little nervous about their finances, especially given Neil's lack
of casual work from Home Farm. Fortunately Debbie has had a word with Brian about their lack
of co-ordination and has got a promise from him to liase more closely in future. She plans
to offer Neil some work in the lambing sheds - it's not much, but she hopes it might placate
him. Susan, of course, just points at the mistake as another way that Brian has let them down.",
-    "Clarrie's washing machine is still unfixed and she borrows Susan's to do some spinning
of her wet washing. She uses the opportunity to have a well-deserved (and rare) moan at her
situation - especially at the recently received electricity and telephone bills and the cost
of teenage sons!",
-    "The whole village seems to have enjoyed the panto, although Phil's not sure whether
the shambling production will escape some Snellish vitriol when she writes her review for
the Echo. Elsewhere, Baggy and Snatch's hilarious Pantomime Cow (in a horse's costume) seems
to have surprised many people with its lack of crudeness!",
-    "Phil and Jill are still appreciating having Daniel to stay, but he's playing up a little,
using his illness to excuse some late night crying and whinging. Jill's expecting Shula to
phone but doesn't plan on worrying her with this news, but will take him to the doctor in
the morning, just in case it's not a ruse."
+  "id": "19990103",
+  "dow": "Sunday",
+  "longDate": "Sunday 3rd January",
+  "title": "Charlie's surprise.",
+  "characters": [ "Alice", "Zebedee", "Charlie", "Xavier" ],
+  "script": "William Shakespeare",
+  "summary": "",
+  "lines": [
+    "Charlie is very surprised by Alice and Xavier's surprise plan."

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