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Subject [13/19] incubator-calcite git commit: [CALCITE-355] Web site
Date Mon, 01 Jun 2015 17:56:27 GMT
diff --git a/site/_docs/ b/site/_docs/
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..4488546
--- /dev/null
+++ b/site/_docs/
@@ -0,0 +1,1656 @@
+layout: docs
+title: History
+permalink: "/docs/history.html"
+Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
+contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
+this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
+The ASF licenses this file to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0
+(the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
+the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
+Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
+distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
+See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
+limitations under the License.
+For a full list of releases, see
+<a href="">github</a>.
+## <a href="">1.3.0-incubating</a> / 2015-05-30
+{: #v1-3-0}
+Mainly bug-fixes, but this release adds support for
+<a href="">modifiable views</a>
+<a href="">filtered aggregate functions</a>
+and various improvements to Avatica.
+New features
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-505</a>]
+  Support modifiable view
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-704</a>]
+  `FILTER` clause for aggregate functions
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-522</a>]
+  In remote JDBC driver, transmit static database properties as a map
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-661</a>]
+  Remote fetch in Calcite JDBC driver
+* Support Date, Time, Timestamp parameters
+API changes
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-722</a>]
+  Rename markdown files to lower-case
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-697</a>]
+  Obsolete class `RelOptQuery`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-693</a>]
+  Allow clients to control creation of `RelOptCluster`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-691</a>]
+  Allow projects to supply alternate SQL parser
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-675</a>]
+  Enable `AggregateProjectMergeRule` in standard rule set
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-679</a>]
+  Factory method for `SemiJoin`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-674</a>]
+  Add a `SWAP_OUTER` static instance to `JoinCommuteRule` (Maryann Xue)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-735</a>]
+  `Primitive.DOUBLE.min` should be large and negative
+Bug-fixes and internal changes
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-688</a>]
+  `splitCondition` does not behave correctly when one side of the condition
+  references columns from different inputs
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-259</a>]
+  Using sub-queries in `CASE` statement against JDBC tables generates invalid
+  Oracle SQL (Yeong Wei)
+* In sample code in, rename optiq to calcite (Ethan)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-720</a>]
+  `VolcanoPlanner.ambitious` comment doc is inconsistent (Santiago M. Mola)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-729</a>]
+  `IndexOutOfBoundsException` in `ROLLUP` query on JDBC data source
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-733</a>]
+  Multiple distinct-`COUNT` query gives wrong results
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-730</a>]
+  `ClassCastException` in table from `CloneSchema`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-728</a>]
+  Test suite hangs on Windows
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-723</a>]
+  Document lattices
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-515</a>]
+  Add Apache headers to markdown files
+* Upgrade quidem
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-716</a>]
+  Scalar sub-query and aggregate function in `SELECT` or `HAVING` clause gives
+  `AssertionError`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-694</a>]
+  Scan `HAVING` clause for sub-queries and `IN`-lists (Hsuan-Yi Chu)
+* Upgrade hydromatic-resource-maven-plugin
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-710</a>]
+  Identical conditions in the `WHERE` clause cause `AssertionError` (Sean
+  Hsuan-Yi Chu)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-695</a>]
+  Do not add `SINGLE_VALUE` aggregate function to a sub-query that will never
+  return more than one row (Hsuan-Yi Chu)
+* Add tests for scalar sub-queries, including test cases for
+  [<a href="">CALCITE-709</a>]
+  Errors with `LIMIT` inside scalar sub-query
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-702</a>]
+  Add validator test for monotonic expressions
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-699</a>]
+  In Avatica, synchronize access to Calendar
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-700</a>]
+  Pass time zone into tests
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-698</a>]
+  For `GROUP BY ()`, `areColumnsUnique()` should return true for any key
+* Disable tests that fail under JDK 1.7 due to
+  [<a href="">CALCITE-687</a>]
+* Add "getting started" to HOWTO
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-692</a>]
+  Add back sqlline as a dependency
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-677</a>]
+  `RemoteDriverTest.testTypeHandling` fails east of Greenwich
+* Disable test for
+  [<a href="">CALCITE-687</a>]
+  Make `RemoteDriverTest.testStatementLifecycle` thread-safe
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-686</a>]
+  `SqlNode.unparse` produces invalid SQL
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-507</a>]
+  Update with running integration tests
+* Add H2 integration test
+* Add PostgreSQL integration test
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-590</a>]
+  Update MongoDB test suite to calcite-test-dataset
+* Add `CalciteAssert.assertArrayEqual` for more user-friendly asserts
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-585</a>]
+  Avatica JDBC methods should throw `SQLFeatureNotSupportedException` (Ng Jiunn
+  Jye)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-671</a>]
+  `ByteString` does not deserialize properly as a `FetchRequest` parameter value
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-676</a>]
+  `AssertionError` in `GROUPING SETS` query
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-678</a>]
+  `SemiJoinRule` mixes up fields when `Aggregate.groupSet` is not field #0
+## <a href="">1.2.0-incubating</a> / 2015-04-07
+{: #v1-2-0}
+A short release, less than a month after 1.1.
+There have been many changes to Avatica, hugely improving its coverage of the
+JDBC API and overall robustness. A new provider, `JdbcMeta`, allows
+you to remote an existing JDBC driver.
+[<a href="">CALCITE-606</a>]
+improves how the planner propagates traits such as collation and
+distribution among relational expressions.
+[<a href="">CALCITE-613</a>]
+and [<a href="">CALCITE-307</a>]
+improve implicit and explicit conversions in SQL.
+New features
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-366</a>]
+  Support Aggregate push down in bushy joins (Jesus Camacho Rodriguez)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-613</a>]
+  Implicitly convert character values in comparisons
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-307</a>]
+  Implement `CAST` between date-time types
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-634</a>]
+  Allow `ORDER BY` aggregate function in `SELECT DISTINCT`, provided that it
+  occurs in `SELECT` clause (Sean Hsuan-Yi Chu)
+* In linq4j, implement `firstOrDefault`, `single`, and `singleOrDefault` methods
+  (Daniel Cooper)
+* JDBC adapter
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-631</a>]
+    Push theta joins down to JDBC adapter (Ng Jiunn Jye)
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-657</a>]
+    `NullPointerException` when executing `JdbcAggregate.implement`
+    method (Yuri Au Yong)
+* Metadata
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-659</a>]
+    Missing types in `averageTypeValueSize` method in `RelMdSize`
+    (Jesus Camacho Rodriguez)
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-650</a>]
+    Add metadata for average size of a tuple in `SemiJoin` (Jesus
+    Camacho Rodriguez)
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-649</a>]
+    Extend `splitCondition` method in `RelOptUtil` to handle multiple
+    joins on the same key (Jesus Camacho Rodriguez)
+Avatica features and bug fixes
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-670</a>]
+  `AvaticaPreparedStatement` should support `execute()` and
+  `executeUpdate()` (Nick Dimiduk)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-641</a>]
+  Implement logging throughout Avatica server (Nick Dimiduk)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-646</a>]
+  `AvaticaStatement.execute` method broken over remote JDBC (Yeong Wei
+  and Julian Hyde)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-660</a>]
+  Improve Avatica date support
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-655</a>]
+  Implement `ConnectionSync` RPC (Nick Dimiduk)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-654</a>]
+  Tighten up `AvaticaStatement.execute` semantics (Nick Dimiduk)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-658</a>]
+  Cleanup dependency usage (Nick Dimiduk)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-652</a>]
+  Move server pieces of `avatica` into `avatica-server` (Nick Dimiduk)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-651</a>]
+  In `JdbcMeta`, convert property definitions to an enum (Nick Dimiduk)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-640</a>]
+  Avatica server should expire stale connections/statements (Nick Dimiduk)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-639</a>]
+  Open up permissions on avatica server components (Nick Dimiduk)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-637</a>]
+  Implement Avatica `CloseConnection` RPC (Nick Dimiduk)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-636</a>]
+  Connection isolation for Avatica clients (Nick Dimiduk)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-626</a>]
+  Implement `CloseStatement` RPC (Nick Dimiduk)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-630</a>]
+  Flesh out `AvaticaParameter.setObject` (Nick Dimiduk)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-627</a>]
+  Add Avatica support for `getTableTypes`, `getColumns` (Xavier FH Leong)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-618</a>]
+  Add Avatica support for `getTables` (Julian Hyde and Nick Dimiduk)
+API changes
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-617</a>]
+  Check at initialization time in `CachingInvocationHandler` that MD provider
+  is not null (Jesus Camacho Rodriguez)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-638</a>]
+  SQL standard `REAL` is 4 bytes, `FLOAT` is 8 bytes
+Bug-fixes and internal changes
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-672</a>]
+  SQL `ANY` type should be nullable (Jinfeng Ni)
+* Disable tests, pending
+  [<a href="">CALCITE-673</a>]
+  Timeout executing joins against MySQL
+* Fix traits in MongoDB adapter, and `NullPointerException` in `JdbcTest`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-662</a>]
+  Query validation fails when an `ORDER BY` clause is used with `WITH CLAUSE`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-606</a>]
+  Fix trait propagation and add test case
+* Remove checkstyle Eclipse properties from git tracking
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-644</a>]
+  Increase check style line limit to 100 chars (Nick Dimiduk)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-648</a>]
+  Update `ProjectMergeRule` description for new naming convention (Jinfeng Ni)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-625</a>]
+  `` linking to the wrong page of `optiq-csv` (hongbin ma)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-632</a>]
+  Sort order returned by `SUPERCLASS_COMPARATOR` in
+  `ReflectiveRelMetadataProvider` is inconsistent (Jesus Camacho
+  Rodriguez)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-335</a>]
+  Remove uses of linq4j `Functions.adapt`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-592</a>]
+  Upgrade to Guava 14.0.1
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-596</a>]
+  JDBC adapter incorrectly reads null values as 0 (Ng Jiunn Jye)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-633</a>]
+  `WITH ... ORDER BY` cannot find table
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-614</a>]
+  `IN` clause in `CASE` in `GROUP BY` gives `AssertionError`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-619</a>]
+  Slim down dependencies in parent POM
+## <a href="">1.1.0-incubating</a> / 2015-03-13
+{: #v1-1-0}
+This Calcite release makes it possible to exploit physical properties
+of relational expressions to produce more efficient plans, introducing
+collation and distribution as traits, `Exchange` relational operator,
+and several new forms of metadata.
+We add experimental support for streaming SQL.
+This release drops support for JDK 1.6; Calcite now requires 1.7 or
+We have introduced static `create` methods for many sub-classes of
+`RelNode`. We strongly suggest that you use these rather than
+calling constructors directly.
+New features
+* SQL
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-602</a>]
+    Streaming queries (experimental)
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-588</a>]
+    Allow `TableMacro` to consume maps and collections
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-583</a>]
+    Operator `||` mishandles `ANY` type (Sean Hsuan-Yi Chu)
+* Planner rule improvements
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-445</a>]
+    Pull up filters rejected by a `ProjectableFilterableTable`
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-600</a>]
+    Use `SetOpFactory` in rules containing `Union` operator (Jesus
+    Camacho Rodriguez)
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-603</a>]
+    Metadata providers for size, memory, parallelism
+    * [<a href="">CALCITE-607</a>]
+      Change visibility of constructor in metadata providers for size,
+      memory, parallelism (Jesus Camacho Rodriguez)
+    * [<a href="">CALCITE-608</a>]
+      Exception is thrown when `RelMdDistribution` for `Project`
+      operator is called (Jesus Camacho Rodriguez)
+* Collation and distribution as traits
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-88</a>]
+    Add collation as a trait and a kind of `RelNode` metadata
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-569</a>]
+    `ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException` when deducing collation (Aman Sinha)
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-581</a>]
+    Add `LogicalSort` relational expression, and make `Sort` abstract
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-526</a>]
+    Add `EnumerableMergeJoin`, which exploits sorted inputs
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-71</a>]
+    Provide a way to declare that tables are sorted
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-576</a>]
+    Make `RelCollation` trait and `AbstractRelNode.getCollationList` consistent
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-254</a>]
+    Propagate `RelCollation` on aliased columns in `JoinRule`
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-569</a>]
+    `ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException` when deducing collation
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-594</a>]
+    Add `RelDistribution` trait and `Exchange` relational expression
+API changes
+* Many sub-classes of `RelNode` now have a static `create` method
+  which automatically sets up traits such as collation and
+  distribution. The constructors are not marked deprecated, but we
+  strongly suggest that you use the `create` method if it exists.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-591</a>]
+  Drop support for Java 1.6 (and JDBC 4.0)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-587</a>]
+  Upgrade `jetty-server` to 9.2.7.v20150116 and port avatica-server `HttpServer`
+  (Trevor Hartman)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-577</a>]
+  Revert temporary API changes introduced in
+  [<a href="">CALCITE-575</a>]
+* Add means to create `Context` instances by wrapping objects and by chaining
+  contexts
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-599</a>]
+  `EquiJoin` in wrong package (Jesus Camacho Rodriguez)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-573</a>]
+  Use user-given names in `RelOptUtil.createProject` and `createRename`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-572</a>]
+  Remove `Project.flags` (methods are deprecated, to be removed before 2.0)
+Bug-fixes and internal changes
+* Remove the `LICENSE` file of calcite-example-csv (the former
+  optiq-csv) and move its history into main history
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-615</a>]
+  AvaticaParameter should be Jackson serializable (Nick Dimiduk)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-612</a>]
+  Update AvaticaStatement to handle cancelled queries (Parth Chandra)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-605</a>]
+  Reduce dependency on third-party maven repositories
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-611</a>]
+  Method `setAggChildKeys` should take into account indicator columns of
+  `Aggregate` operator (Jesus Camacho Rodriguez)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-566</a>]
+  `ReduceExpressionsRule` requires planner to have an `Executor`
+* Refactor `TableScanNode.create` method
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-593</a>]
+  Validator in `Frameworks` should expand identifiers (Jinfeng Ni)
+* Australian time-zones changed in `tzdata2014f`, Java 1.8.0_31
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-580</a>]
+  Average aggregation on an `Integer` column throws `ClassCastException`
+* In Travis, ask Surefire to print results to screen
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-586</a>]
+  Prevent JSON serialization of `Signature.internalParameters`
+## <a href="">1.0.0-incubating</a> / 2015-01-31
+{: #v1-0-0}
+Calcite's first major release.
+Since the previous release we have re-organized the into the `org.apache.calcite`
+namespace. To make migration of your code easier, we have described the
+<a href="">mapping from old to new class names</a>
+as an attachment to
+[<a href="">CALCITE-296</a>].
+The release adds SQL support for `GROUPING SETS`, `EXTEND`, `UPSERT` and sequences;
+a remote JDBC driver;
+improvements to the planner engine and built-in planner rules;
+improvements to the algorithms that implement the relational algebra,
+including an interpreter that can evaluate queries without compilation;
+and fixes about 30 bugs.
+New features
+* SQL
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-494</a>]
+    Support `NEXT`/`CURRENT VALUE FOR` syntax for using sequences
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-492</a>]
+    Support `UPSERT` statement in parser
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-493</a>]
+    Add `EXTEND` clause, for defining columns and their types at query/DML time
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-497</a>]
+    Support optional qualifier for column name references
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-356</a>]
+    Allow column references of the form `schema.table.column`
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-462</a>]
+    Allow table functions in `LATERAL` expression
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-282</a>]
+    Add `{fn QUARTER(date)}` function (Benoy Antony)
+  * Grouping sets
+    * [<a href="">CALCITE-370</a>]
+      Support `GROUPING SETS`, `CUBE`, `ROLLUP` in SQL and algebra
+    * [<a href="">CALCITE-512</a>]
+      Add `GROUP_ID`,`GROUPING_ID`, `GROUPING` functions
+* Planner rule improvements
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-92</a>]
+    Optimize away `Project` that merely renames fields
+  * Detect and merge duplicate predicates `AND(x, y, x)` to `AND(x, y)` in more
+    circumstances
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-557</a>]
+    Speed up planning by never creating `AbstractConverter`
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-545</a>]
+    When a projected expression can only have one value, replace with that
+    constant
+  * Grouping sets
+    * [<a href="">CALCITE-542</a>]
+      Support for `Aggregate` with grouping sets in `RelMdColumnOrigins` (Jesus
+      Camacho Rodriguez)
+    * [<a href="">CALCITE-533</a>]
+      Support for grouping sets in `FilterAggregateTransposeRule` (Jesus Camacho
+      Rodriguez)
+    * [<a href="">CALCITE-532</a>]
+      Support for grouping sets in `AggregateFilterTransposeRule` (Jesus Camacho
+      Rodriguez)
+    * [<a href="">CALCITE-513</a>]
+      Support for grouping sets in `AggregateProjectMergeRule` (Jesus Camacho
+      Rodriguez)
+    * [<a href="">CALCITE-510</a>]
+      Support for grouping sets in `AggregateExpandDistinctAggregatesRule` (Jesus
+      Camacho Rodriguez)
+    * [<a href="">CALCITE-502</a>]
+      Support for grouping sets in `AggregateUnionTransposeRule` (Jesus Camacho
+      Rodriguez)
+    * [<a href="">CALCITE-503</a>]
+      Tests to check rules on `Aggregate` operator without grouping sets (Jesus
+      Camacho Rodriguez)
+* Algorithms
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-451</a>]
+    Implement theta join, inner and outer, in enumerable convention
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-489</a>]
+    Update `Correlate` mechanics and implement `EnumerableCorrelate` (aka nested
+    loops join)
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-544</a>]
+    Implement `Union` in interpreter
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-562</a>]
+    Implement inner `Join` in interpreter and improve handling of scalar expressions
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-543</a>]
+    Implement `Aggregate` (including `GROUPING SETS`) in interpreter (Jacques
+    Nadeau)
+  * In progress towards
+    [<a href="">CALCITE-558</a>]
+    add `BINDABLE` convention (but `ENUMERABLE` is still the default), and add
+    `ArrayBindable` and `Scalar` interfaces
+* Remote driver
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-93</a>]
+    Calcite RPC server
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-94</a>]
+    Remote JDBC driver
+  * Make `JsonHandler` and `JsonService` thread-safe
+API changes
+* The great code re-org
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-296</a>]
+    Re-organize package structure
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-419</a>]
+    Naming convention for planner rules
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-306</a>]
+    Standardize code style for "import package.*;"
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-474</a>]
+    Clean up rule naming in order to support enabling/disabling rules
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-460</a>]
+    Add `ImmutableBitSet` and replace uses of `BitSet`
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-479</a>]
+    Migrate `RelNode.getChildExps` to `RelNode.accept(RexShuttle)`
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-527</a>]
+    Drop `rowType` field and constructor/copy argument of `Calc`
+* Add linq4j and example-csv modules
+  * Remove unused packages in linq4j, and fix checkstyle issues in linq4j and csv
+  * Add calcite-linq4j and calcite-example-csv as POM sub-modules
+  * Import 'optiq-csv' project as 'example/csv/', and add Apache headers
+  * Import 'linq4j' project, and add Apache headers
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-478</a>]
+    Move CSV tutorial (Siva Narayanan)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-464</a>]
+  Make parser accept configurable max length for SQL identifier
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-465</a>]
+  Remove `OneRow` and `Empty` relational expressions; `Values` will suffice
+Bug-fixes and internal changes
+* Build improvements
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-541</a>]
+    Update maven-source-plugin to 2.4 to get speedup in jdk 1.8
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-537</a>]
+    Skip overwrite of `NOTICE`, `DEPENDENCIES`, and `LICENSE` files
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-538</a>]
+    Generate `Parser.jj` only at first build
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-539</a>]
+    Avoid rewrite of ``
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-540</a>]
+    Create file only at first build. This saves time in
+    development at a cost of stale ``
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-536</a>]
+    Add `@PackageMarker` to `` so maven-compiler skips
+    compilation when the sources are unchanged
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-535</a>]
+    Support skip overwrite in hydromatic-resource
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-582</a>]
+  `EnumerableTableScan` broken when table has single column
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-575</a>]
+  Variant of `ProjectRemoveRule` that considers a project trivial only if its
+  field names are identical (John Pullokkaran)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-571</a>]
+  `ReduceExpressionsRule` tries to reduce `SemiJoin` condition to non-equi
+  condition
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-568</a>]
+  Upgrade to a version of `pentaho-aggdesigner` that does not pull in
+  `servlet-api`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-567</a>]
+  Make `quidem` dependency have scope "test"
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-570</a>]
+  `ReduceExpressionsRule` throws "duplicate key" exception
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-561</a>]
+  Upgrade parent POM
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-458</a>]
+  ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when using just a single column in interpreter
+* Fix spurious extra row from `FULL JOIN`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-554</a>]
+  Outer join over NULL keys generates wrong result
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-489</a>]
+  Teach `CalciteAssert` to respect multiple settings
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-516</a>]
+  `GROUP BY` on a `CASE` expression containing `IN` predicate fails (Aman Sinha)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-552</a>]
+  Upgrade tpcds (which depends on an old version of guava)
+* Copy identifier when fully-qualifying, so column aliases have the right case
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-548</a>]
+  Extend `induce` method to return `CUBE` and `ROLLUP` (Jesus Camacho Rodriguez)
+  * Simplify `Group.induce` by assuming that group sets are sorted
+* Test case for
+  [<a  href="">CALCITE-212</a>]
+  Join condition with `OR`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-550</a>]
+  Case-insensitive matching of sub-query columns fails
+  * Add more unit tests (Jinfeng Ni)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-448</a>]
+  `FilterIntoJoinRule` creates filters containing invalid `RexInputRef`
+* When registering a `RelNode`, be tolerant if it is equivalent to a `RelNode`
+  with different traits
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-547</a>]
+  Set nullability while inferring return type of `item(any,...)` operator
+* In Travis CI, enable containers, and cache `.m2` directory
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-534</a>]
+  Missing implementation of `ResultSetMetaData.getColumnClassName` (Knut
+  Forkalsrud)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-506</a>]
+  Update `EnumerableRelImplementor.stash` so it is suitable for all kinds of
+  classes
+* Merge join algorithm for `Enumerable`s
+* Efficient `Enumerable` over random-access list
+* Add a test that calls all functions with arguments of all types that they
+  claim to accept
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-511</a>]
+  `copy` method in `LogicalAggregate` not copying the indicator value properly
+* Add a model that has lattices and works against HSQLDB
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-509</a>]
+  `RelMdColumnUniqueness` uses `ImmutableBitSet.Builder` twice, gets
+  `NullPointerException`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-488</a>]
+  `Enumerable<Holder>` does not work if where `Holder` is a custom class
+  with a single field; Calcite tries to treat it as `SCALAR` due to premature
+  `JavaRowFormat.optimize`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-352</a>]
+  Throw exception if `` is called after `close()`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-403</a>]
+  `Enumerable` gives `NullPointerException` with `NOT` on nullable expression
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-469</a>]
+  Update example/csv instructions
+  add descriptions for all built-in functions and operators
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-470</a>]
+  Print warning when column type hint is not understood;
+  Update `EMPS.deptno` column Integer &rarr; int
+* Fix `Linq4j.product`; the cartesian product of 0 attributes is one row of 0
+  attributes
+* Update link optiq-mat-plugin &rarr; mat-calcite-plugin
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-467</a>]
+  Incorrect namespace in ``
+* Add headers, to appease the RAT
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-446</a>]
+  CSV adapter should read from directory relative to the model file
+* Add examples of scannable and filterable tables, matching
+  [<a href="">CALCITE-436</a>]
+  Simpler SPI to query Table
+* Fix `JdbcTest.testVersion` now that version is 1.0
+* Update release HOWTO
+## <a href="">0.9.2-incubating</a> / 2014-11-05
+{: #v0-9-2}
+A fairly minor release, and last release before we rename all of the
+packages and lots of classes, in what we expect to call 1.0. If you
+have an existing application, it's worth upgrading to this first,
+before you move on to 1.0.
+New features
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-436</a>]
+  Simpler SPI to query `Table`
+API changes
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-447</a>]
+  Change semi-join rules to make use of factories
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-442</a>
+  Add `RelOptRuleOperand` constructor that takes a predicate
+Bug-fixes and internal changes
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-397</a>]
+  `SELECT DISTINCT *` on reflective schema gives `ClassCastException` at runtime
+* Various lattice improvements.
+* sqlline: Looking for class-path in inconsistent locations.
+* Re-order test suite, so that fast tests are run first.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-444</a>]
+  Filters wrongly pushed into full outer join
+* Make it more convenient to unit test `RelMetadataQuery`, and add some more
+  tests for
+  [<a href="">CALCITE-443</a>]
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-443</a>]
+  `getPredicates` from a Union is not correct
+* Update references to web sites, git repositories, jira, mailing lists,
+  travis CI now that [INFRA-8413] is fixed
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-435</a>]
+  `FilterAggregateTransposeRule` loses conditions that cannot be pushed
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-435</a>]
+  `LoptOptimizeJoinRule` incorrectly re-orders outer joins
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-439</a>]
+  `SqlValidatorUtil.uniquify()` may not terminate under some conditions
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-438</a>]
+  Push predicates through `SemiJoinRel`
+* Add test case for `LIKE ... ESCAPE`.
+* HOWTO: Modify release instructions.
+* Update `DiffRepository` documentation.
+* Add tests for windowed aggregates without `ORDER BY`. (Works already.)
+## <a href="">0.9.1-incubating</a> / 2014-10-02
+{: #v0-9-1}
+This is the first release as Calcite. (The project was previously called Optiq.)
+New features
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-430</a>]
+  Rename project from Optiq to Calcite
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-426</a>]
+  Pool JDBC data sources, to make it easier to pool connections
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-416</a>]
+  Execute logical `RelNode`s using an interpreter
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-376</a>]
+  Move `SqlRun` into its own artifact,
+  <a href="">Quidem</a>.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-269</a>]
+  MongoDB result sets larger than 16MB
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-373</a>]
+  `NULL` values in `NOT IN` sub-queries
+* SQL functions:
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-422</a>]
+    Add `REGR_SXX` and `REGR_SYY` regression functions
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-421</a>]
+    Add `COVAR_POP` and `COVAR_SAMP` aggregate functions
+* Planner rules:
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-425</a>]
+    Add `FilterAggregateTransposeRule`, that pushes a filter through an
+    aggregate
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-399</a>]
+    Factorize common `AND` factors out of `OR` predicates
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-404</a>]
+    `MergeProjectRule` should not construct `RexProgram`s for simple mappings
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-394</a>]
+    Add `RexUtil.toCnf()`, to convert expressions to conjunctive normal form
+    (CNF)
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-389</a>]
+    `MergeFilterRule` should flatten `AND` condition
+* Lattices:
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-428</a>]
+    Use optimization algorithm to suggest which tiles of a lattice to
+    materialize
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-410</a>]
+    Allow lattice tiles to satisfy a query by rolling up
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-406</a>]
+    Add tile and measure elements to lattice model element
+  * Now, a lattice can materialize an aggregate-join and use it in a subsequent
+    query.
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-402</a>]
+    Lattice should create materializations on demand
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-344</a>]
+    Lattice data structure
+* Field trimmer:
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-408</a>]
+    Make `FieldTrimmer` work with `RelNode` base classes
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-388</a>]
+    Handle semi-joins in field trimmer
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-395</a>]
+    Make `FieldTrimmer.trimFields(SetOp)` generate `ProjectRel` instead of
+    `CalcRel`
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-393</a>]
+    If no fields are projected from a table, field trimmer should project a
+    dummy expression
+API changes
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-413</a>]
+  Add `RelDataTypeSystem` plugin, allowing different max precision of a
+* In `Planner`, query de-correlation no longer requires state in a
+  `SqlToRelConverter`.
+* Factories:
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-392</a>]
+    `RelFieldTrimmer` should use factory to create new rel nodes
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-382</a>]
+    Refactoring rules to use factories
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-398</a>]
+    Move `CalcRel.createProject` methods to `RelOptUtil`
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-396</a>]
+    Change return type of `JoinFactory.createJoin()`; add `SemiJoinFactory`
+Bug-fixes and internal changes
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-386</a>]
+* Add tests inspired by Derby bugs.
+* Add recent presentation to
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-427</a>]
+  Off-by-one issues in `RemoveDistinctAggregateRule`,
+  `AggregateFilterTransposeRule`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-414</a>]
+  Bad class name in `sqlline` shell script
+* Bad package name in `` was causing errors in Eclipse.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-412</a>]
+  `RelFieldTrimmer`: when trimming `SortRel`, the collation and trait set don't
+  match
+* Add test case for
+  [<a href="">CALCITE-411</a>]
+  Duplicate column aliases
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-407</a>]
+  `RemoveTrivialProjectRule` drops child node's traits
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-409</a>]
+  `PushFilterPastProjectRule` should not push filters past windowed aggregates
+* Fix tests on Windows.
+* Don't load `FoodMartQuerySet` unless we have to. It's big.
+* Enable connection pooling in test suite.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-384</a>]
+  Add `apache-` prefix to tarball and directory within tarball
+* Freeze hive fmpp > freemarker plugin dependency.
+* Upgrade Janino
+* Removed hardcoded foodmart schema information
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-387</a>]
+  CompileException when cast TRUE to nullable boolean
+* Temporary fix for
+  [<a href="">CALCITE-390</a>]
+  Transitive inference (`RelMdPredicates`) doesn't handle semi-join
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-385</a>]
+  Change comment style for Java headers
+* Disable test that is inconistent between JDK 1.7 and 1.8.
+* Fix `git-commit-id-plugin` error when running in Travis-CI.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-381</a>]
+  Remove plugin versions from the `<plugins>` tag in root pom
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-383</a>]
+  Each jar should have a `` file describing its exact version
+* Fix `mvn site` on JDK 1.8 and enable in Travis-CI.
+* Status icon based on master branch, not whichever branch happened to build
+  most recently.
+  * Document how to build from git, and how to get jars from maven repo.
+  * Optiq web site
+  * Template emails for Apache votes
+  * Update JIRA cases following release
+  * Instructions for making and verifying a release
+## <a href="">0.9.0-incubating</a> / 2014-08-19
+{: #v0-9-0}
+This is the first release under the Apache incubator process.
+New features
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-371</a>]
+  Implement `JOIN` whose `ON` clause contains mixed equi and theta
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-369</a>]
+  Add `EnumerableSemiJoinRel`, implementation of semi-join in enumerable
+  convention
+* Add class `Strong`, for detecting null-rejecting predicates.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-368</a>]
+  Add SemiJoinRule, planner rule to convert project-join-aggregate into semi-join
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-367</a>]
+  `PushFilterPastJoinRule` should strengthen join type
+* Add `EquiJoinRel`, base class for joins known to be equi-joins.
+* Implement `CAST(<string> AS <datetime>)` and
+  `<datetime> + <interval>`.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-360</a>]
+  Introduce a rule to infer predicates from equi-join conditions
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-349</a>]
+  Add heuristic join-optimizer that can generate bushy joins
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-346</a>]
+  Add commutative join rule
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-347</a>]
+  In `SqlRun`, add `!plan` command
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-314</a>]
+  Allow simple UDFs based on methods
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-327</a>]
+  Rules should use base class to find rule match & use factory for object
+  creation
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-316</a>]
+  In `SqlRun`, match output regardless of order if `ORDER BY` not present
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-300</a>]
+  Support multiple parameters in `COUNT(DISTINCT x, y, ...)`
+API changes
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-343</a>]
+  RelDecorrelator should build its own mappings, not inherit from SqlToRelConverter
+* Remove deprecated methods.
+* Convert `Hook` to use Guava `Function` (was linq4j `Function1`).
+* Add fluent method `withHook`, to more easily add hooks in tests.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-321</a>]
+  Add support for overriding implementation of `CompoundIdentifier` in
+  `SqlParser`.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-322</a>]
+  Add support for `SqlExplain`, `SqlOrderBy` and `SqlWith` to support
+  `SqlShuttle` use.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-323</a>]
+  Override `SqlUnresolvedFunction.inferReturnType()` to return `ANY` type
+  so framework implementors can support late bound function implementations.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-324</a>]
+  Add `ViewExpander` for `Planner` in `Frameworks`. Expose additional
+  properties of `ViewTable` to allow subclassing.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-247</a>]
+  Add `Context` and `FrameworkConfig`
+Bug-fixes and internal changes
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-380</a>]
+  Downgrade to Guava 11.0.2
+* Move several .md files into new 'doc' directory, to keep the root directory simple.
+* Update history and HOWTO
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-377</a>]
+  UnregisteredDriver should catch, log and re-throw NoClassDefFoundError
+* Inherit maven-release-plugin from Apache POM.
+* Test case for
+  [<a href="">CALCITE-373</a>]
+  NOT IN and NULL values
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-372</a>]
+  Change `LoptOptimizeJoinRule` &amp; `PushFilterPast`* rules to use factory
+* Upgrade `maven-checkstyle-plugin`.
+* Add class `Holder`, a mutable slot that can contain one object.
+* Remove the 2-minute wait at the top of the hour for tests of
+  `CURRENT_TIME`, etc.
+* Tune `ImmutableIntList`'s iterators.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-364</a>]
+  Validator rejects valid `WITH ... ORDER BY` query
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-363</a>]
+  Use `dependencyManagement` and `pluginManagement` in POM files
+* Add `FilterFactory`.
+* Add `README` file, incubation disclaimers, and how-to build and running tests.
+* Add `KEYS` and start how-to for making snapshots and releases.
+* Capital case component names; inherit license info from Apache parent POM.
+* Only run `apache-rat` and `git-commit-id-plugin` in "release" maven profile.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-348</a>]
+  Add Apache RAT as maven plugin
+* Change license headers from "Julian Hyde" to "ASF"; add headers where missing.
+* Fix build breakage on JDK 1.6 due to missing method `BitSet.previousClearBit`.
+* Refactor test infrastructure to allow testing against heuristic bushy-join
+  optimizer.
+* Add methods and tests for BitSets, and re-organize tests.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-354</a>]
+  Change maven groupId to "org.apache.optiq"
+* Specify return type when calling `RexBuilder.makeCall`, if possible.
+* Eliminate duplicate conditions in `RexProgramBuilder.addCondition`, not
+  `RexBuilder.makeCall` as previously.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-345</a>]
+  `AssertionError` in `RexToLixTranslator` comparing to date literal
+* Restore `PushFilterPastJoinRule` to `RelDecorrelator`; interim pending
+  [<a href="">CALCITE-343</a>]
+  fix.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-340</a>]
+  Fix bug in `SqlToRelConverter` when push expressions in join conditions into
+  `ProjectRel`.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-313</a>]
+  Query decorrelation fails
+* While unifying a `RelNode` tree with a materialized view expression,
+  switch representation to `MutableRel`s.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-305</a>]
+  Unit test failure on release candidates
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-325</a>]
+  Use Java list instead of Guava list to avoid null checks in case of
+  `SqlTypeExplicitPrecedenceList`.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-326</a>]
+  Fix `RelOptUtil` `ANY` type check.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-303</a>]
+  Migrate issue URLs
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-331</a>]
+  Precision/scale compatibility checks should always succeed for `ANY` type
+* In `SqlRun`, allow `!plan` after `!ok` for same SQL statement.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-318</a>]
+  Add unit test for `SqlRun`
+* Fix a bug where composite `SELECT DISTINCT` would return duplicate rows.
+## <a href="">0.8</a> / 2014-06-27
+{: #v0-8}
+New features
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-310</a>]
+   Implement LEAD, LAG and NTILE windowed aggregates
+* Reduce `COUNT(not-null-expression)` to `COUNT()`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-292</a>]
+   Improve windowed aggregate return types
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-302</a>]
+   Use heuristic rule to plan queries with large numbers of joins
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-283</a>]
+  Add TPC-DS data generator
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-294</a>]
+  Implement DENSE_RANK windowed aggregate function
+* SqlRun utility
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-290</a>]
+    Add `SqlRun`, an idempotent utility for running SQL test scripts
+  * Add "!skip" command to SqlRun.
+  * Add MySQL formatting mode to SqlRun.
+API changes
+* Re-organize planner initialization,
+  to make it easier to use heuristic join order.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-301</a>]
+  Add `Program` interface, a planner phase more general than current `RuleSet`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-263</a>]
+  Add operand type that will cause a rule to fire when a new subset is created
+* Clean up and document SqlKind.
+  * Add `IS_NOT_TRUE` and `IS_NOT_FALSE` `SqlKind` enums.
+  * Add `SqlKind.IS_NOT_NULL` enum value, and use where possible,
+    including for `IS_NOT_UNKNOWN` operator.
+Bug-fixes and internal changes
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-312</a>]
+  Trim non-required fields before `WindowRel`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-311</a>]
+  Wrong results when filtering the results of windowed aggregation
+* More tests for `WITH ... ORDER BY`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-309</a>]
+  `WITH ... ORDER BY` query gives `AssertionError`
+* Enable `MultiJoinRel` and some other planner rule tests.
+* Add `ImmutableNullableList` and `UnmodifiableArrayList`,
+  and remove calls to `Arrays.asList`.
+* Add method ``.
+* Reimplement regular and windowed aggregates
+* Switch from github to Apache JIRA for issues tracking.
+  * In release history, update issue URLs from github to Apache JIRA
+* The Apache mailing list is now the official mailing list. Add presentations.
+* Add test for overloaded UDF.
+* Add tests for `NOT IN` where sub-query returns NULL values.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-288</a>]
+  Add tests for windowed aggregation based on Postgres reference queries
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-286</a>]
+  Error casting MongoDB date
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-284</a>]
+  Window functions range defaults to `CURRENT ROW`
+* [<a href=">CALCITE-285</a>]
+  Window functions throw exception without `ORDER BY`
+* Test case for
+  [<a href=““”>CALCITE-285</a>].
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-281</a>]
+  `EXTRACT` function's SQL return type is `BIGINT` but implemented as Java `int`
+## <a href="">0.7</a> / 2014-05-13
+{: #v0-7}
+New features
+* Implement table functions.
+* Arrays and multi-sets:
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-267</a>]
+    Improve support for ARRAY data type
+  * Better type information for JDBC Array; nested array now possible.
+  * Implement `JOIN LATERAL` and `JOIN UNNEST`.
+  * Implement the `UNNEST` relational operator, and various improvements
+    to `ARRAY` and `MULTISET` data types.
+  * Represent `ARRAY` columns as Java lists.
+  * Implement `CARDINALITY(ARRAY)` SQL operator.
+* Implement scalar sub-query in `SELECT` clause.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-273</a>]
+  Support column alias in WITH queries (common table expressions)
+* Windowed aggregates:
+  * Aggregate over constants, e.g. `SUM(1) OVER (ROWS 10 PRECEDING)`;
+  * `UNBOUNDED PRECEDING` window range;
+  * Windowed aggregates computed over primitive scalars.
+* Fix return type inference for aggregate calls. If the `GROUP BY` clause is
+  empty, `SUM` may return null.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-37</a>]
+  Document JSON model file format (as <a href=""></a>).
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-238</a>]
+  Add adapter that generates TPC-H data
+* Improve exception message in `AvaticaConnection`; add
+  `ExceptionMessageTest`.
+* Implement micro-benchmarks via
+  <a href="">JMH</a>.
+API changes
+* Provide an option to create root schema without the "metadata" schema.
+* Schema SPI:
+  * [<a href="">CALCITE-175</a>]
+    Modify Schema SPI to allow caching
+  * Get sub-schemas defined by a Schema SPI, and cache their `OptiqSchema`
+    wrappers. (Tobi Vollebregt and Julian Hyde)
+* SqlAdvisor callable from client via JDBC.
+Bug-fixes and internal changes
+* Add Apache incubator proposal.
+* Rename to
+* Upgrade maven-release-plugin.
+* Upgrade to linq4j-0.3.
+* Code generation improvements:
+ * Move code-generation optimizer to linq4j;
+ * Improve translation of strict functions;
+ * Mark most methods in `SqlFunctions` as `@Deterministic`;
+ * Support `static final` constants generated by linq4j.
+ * Avoid excessive box and unbox of primitives when using `Object[]` storage.
+ * In JDBC result set, avoid row computation on each accessor call.
+* Test composite join conditions in various flavors of outer join.
+* Use `fromTrait` of the just previously converted `RelNode` instead
+  of the original `RelNode`.
+* Disable a MongoDB test, pending
+  [<a href="">CALCITE-270</a>].
+* Hush warnings from `SplunkAdapterTest` if Splunk is not available.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-252</a>]
+  Scalar sub-query that returns 0 rows should become NULL value
+* `SplunkAdapterTest` now uses the same Foodmart database as `JdbcTest`.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-242</a>]
+  SplunkAdapterTest fails
+* Remove some obsolete classes.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-205</a>]
+  Suspicious map.get in VolcanoPlanner.reregister
+## <a href="">0.6</a> / 2014-04-11
+{: #v0-6}
+New features
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-214</a>]
+  Modify Frameworks to allow Schema to be re-used
+  Obsoletes `name` field of `ReflectiveSchema`.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-237</a>]
+  Allow user-defined aggregate functions (UDAs) to be defined in a model
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-227</a>]
+  Extend `EXTRACT` function to support `DATE`, `TIME` and `TIMESTAMP` values
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-222</a>]
+  User-defined table macros
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-179</a>]
+  Optiq on Windows
+  * Add `sqlline.bat` and fix issues running `sqlline` under Cygwin.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-195</a>]
+  Push aggregation into MongoDB adapter
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-193</a>]
+  Implement OFFSET and LIMIT in MongoDB adapter
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-164</a>]
+  Improve query performance of optiq over MongoDB
+* Add Phoenix (HBase) SQL dialect (Bruno Dumon)
+API changes
+* Obsolete `RexImpTable.AggregateImplementor` and rename `AggImplementor2`.
+  (**This is a breaking change**.)
+* Convert `CombinedParser.jj` into freemarker template to allow
+  custom parser implementations. (Venki Korukanti)
+* Extend `Planner` to pass a custom `ConvertletTable` and custom SQL parser.
+* In `Frameworks`, add a way to specify list of `TraitDef`s that will be used
+  by planner. (Jinfeng Ni)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-198</a>]
+  Use `RexExecutor` to evaluate projections and filters
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-219</a>]
+  Parse `ALTER scope SET option = value` statement
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-215</a>]
+  A Schema should not have to remember its name and parent
+  (**This is a breaking change**.)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-180</a>]
+  Common base class for TableFunction, ScalarFunction
+  (**This is a breaking change**.)
+* Add methods for dealing with symbols; deprecate
+  `SqlLiteral.booleanValue(SqlNode)`, `SqlLiteral.symbolValue(SqlNode)`.
+* Add `RelOptPlanner.clear()`; now it is safe to call `transform` twice.
+  (Jinfeng Ni)
+* Remove APIs deprecated for 0.5.
+* Move around some operator classes and singletons.
+Bug-fixes and internal changes
+* Upgrade to linq4j-0.2.
+* `FETCH` and `LIMIT` are ignored during SQL-to-RelNode translation.
+  (Venki Korukanti)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-245</a>]
+  Off-by-one translation of ON clause of JOIN
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-191</a>]
+  Rotate time/date/timestamp vals to local timezone
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-244</a>]
+  `RelOptTableImpl.create` always expects `QueryableTable` type in
+  `OptiqSchema.TableEntry`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-225</a>]
+  Optiq doesn't correctly decorrelate queries
+* Clean up package-info.  Remove duplicates in test packages so they
+  don't conflict with those in non-test packages.
+* Add `Pair.adjacents(Iterable)`.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-199</a>]
+  Various `ANY` type conditions aren't correctly being considered
+  (Jacques Nadeau)
+* Add files to `.gitignore` that shouldn't be checked in when using
+  Eclipse. (Jacques Nadeau)
+* Add class `ControlFlowException`, and make it base class of
+  existing control-flow exception classes.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-232</a>]
+  Sum and avg of empty set should be null as per SQL specification
+* Add `SqlUnresolvedFunction`, to improve how return type of
+  user-defined functions is resolved. (Vladimir Sitnikov)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-228</a>]
+  Error while compiling generated Java code when using UDF in expression
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-226</a>]
+  User-defined functions should work without explicit schema prefix
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-229</a>]
+  Join between different JDBC schemas not implementable
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-230</a>]
+  RemoveSortRule derives trait set from sort, should derive it from sort's child
+* Test view and sub-query with `ORDER BY` and `LIMIT`.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-223</a>]
+  Add `NOTICE` and `LICENSE` files in all generated JAR files
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-209</a>]
+  Consistent strategy for line-endings in tests
+  Convert uses of `NL` in tests to Linux newline "\n".
+  This makes string constants simpler.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-218</a>]
+  Functions case sensitive when using `Lex.MYSQL`
+* Add tests that a query with aggregate expressions in the `SELECT`
+  clause is considered an aggregate query, even if there is no `GROUP BY`.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-216</a>]
+  Inconsistent use of provided operator table causes inability to
+  add aggregate functions
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-200</a>]
+  Javadoc generation fails under JDK 1.8
+* Add class `XmlOutput` (based on `org.eigenbase.xom.XMLOutput`) and remove
+  dependency on eigenbase-xom.
+* Performance: Don't create stack-trace for exceptions used for control-flow.
+  (Vladimir Sitnikov)
+* Performance: Tune `RexProgramBuilder` by using `Pair` rather than `String` as
+  expression key. (Vladimir Sitnikov)
+* Fix NPE using TRIM function with JDBC. (Bruno Dumon)
+* Add dependency on
+  <a href="">hydromatic-resource-maven-plugin</a>
+  and obsolete our copy of the resource framework.
+* Fix race condition in `SpaceList`.
+* In planner, use `RelTrait.subsumes` rather than `equals` in an assert.
+  (Jinfeng Ni)
+## <a href="">0.5</a> / 2014-03-14
+{: #v0-5}
+New features
+* Allow `quoting`, `quotedCasing`, `unquotedCasing`, and `caseSensitive`
+  properties to be specified explicitly (Vladimir Sitnikov)
+* Recognize more kinds of materializations, including filter-on-project (where
+  project contains expressions) and some kinds of aggregation.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-128</a>]
+  Support `WITH` queries (common table expressions)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-53</a>]
+  Allow `WHEN` clause in simple `CASE` expression to have multiple values
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-156</a>]
+  Optiq should recognize 'SYSTEM TABLE', 'JOIN', 'INDEX' as table types
+* Support querying ARRAY columns from JDBC source. (Gabriel Reid)
+API changes
+* Add
+  `ProjectRelBase.copy(RelTraitSet, RelNode, List<RexNode>, RelDataType)`
+  and make `ProjectRelBase.copy(RelTraitSet, RelNode)` final.
+  (**This is a breaking change** for sub-classes of `ProjectRelBase`.)
+* Change `RexBuilder.makeRangeReference` parameter type.
+* `RexBuilder.makeInputRef` replaces `RelOptUtil.createInputRef`.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-160</a>]
+  Allow comments in schema definitions
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-147</a>]
+  Create a new kind of `SqlCall` that keeps operands in fields, not an operands
+  array
+  * Very widely used parse tree nodes with complex operands, including
+    `SqlSelect`, `SqlJoin`, `SqlInsert`, and a new node type `SqlOrderBy`, are
+    now sub-classes of `SqlCall` but not `SqlBasicCall`.
+  * (**This is a breaking change** to code that assumes that, say,
+    `SqlSelect` has an `operands` field.)
+* Convert all enum constants to upper-case.
+  (**This is a breaking change**.)
+Bug-fixes and internal changes
+* Generate optiq-core-VERSION-tests.jar not parent-VERSION-tests.jar.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-176</a>]
+  ORDER BY expression doesn't work with SELECT \*
+* Fix VARCHAR casts sent to hsqldb source (Bruno Dumon)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-143</a>]
+  Remove dependency on eigenbase-resgen
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-173</a>]
+  Case-insensitive table names are not supported for `Casing.UNCHANGED`
+* `DATE.getLimit` now returns `Calendar` in GMT time zone (Vladimir Sitnikov)
+* Set `en_US` locale in tests that match against error numbers, dates
+  (Vladimir Sitnikov)
+* Use 1 test thread per CPU to avoid thread starvation on dual core CPUs
+  (Vladimir Sitnikov)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-174</a>]
+  Move hsqldb to test scope
+* Add unit tests for `RexExecutorImpl`.
+* Correct JSON model examples in Javadoc comments. (Karel Vervaeke)
+* Move test reference logs from `src/test/java` to `src/test/resources`
+  (reduces the number of 'untracked files' reported by git)
+* Tune `Util.SpaceList`, fix race condition, and move into new utility class
+  `Spaces`.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-163</a>]
+  Equi-join warning
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-157</a>]
+  Handle `SQLFeatureNotSupported` when calling `setQueryTimeout`
+  (Karel Vervaeke)
+* Fix Optiq on Windows. (All tests and checkstyle checks pass.)
+* In checkstyle, support Windows-style file separator, otherwise build fails in
+  Windows due to suppressions not used. (Vladimir Sitnikov)
+* Enable MongoDB tests when `-Dcalcite.test.mongodb=true`.
+* Cleanup cache exception-handling and an assert.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-153</a>]
+  Error using MongoDB adapter: Failed to set setXIncludeAware(true)
+* Disable spark engine unless Spark libraries are on the class path and
+  `spark=true` is specified in the connect string.
+* Fix path to `mongo-zips-model.json` in HOWTO. (Mariano Luna)
+* Fix bug deriving the type of a join-key.
+* Fix the value of `ONE_MINUS_EPSILON`.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-158</a>]
+  Optiq fails when call `Planner.transform()` multiple times, each with
+  different ruleset
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-148</a>]
+ Less verbose description of collation. Also, optimize `RelTraitSet` creation
+ and amortize `RelTraitSet.toString()`.
+* Add generics to SQL parser.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-145</a>]
+  Unexpected upper-casing of keywords when using java lexer
+* Remove duplicate `maven-source-plugin`.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-141</a>]
+  Downgrade to guava-11.0.2. (This is necessary for Hadoop compatibility.
+  Later versions of Guava can also be used.)
+* Upgrade to spark-0.9.0. (Because this version of spark is available from
+  maven-central, we can make optiq-spark part of the regular build, and remove
+  the spark profile.)
+## <a href="">0.4.18</a> / 2014-02-14
+{: #v0-4-18}
+API and functionality changes
+* Configurable lexical policy
+    * [<a href="">CALCITE-33</a>]
+      SQL parser should allow different identifier quoting
+    * [<a href="">CALCITE-34</a>]
+      Policy for case-sensitivity of identifiers should be configurable
+    * New connect-string parameter "lex", with allowable values
+      "ORACLE", "MYSQL", "SQL_SERVER", "JAVA" sets policy to be like those
+      databases, in terms of quote string, whether quoted and unquoted
+      identifiers are converted to upper/lower case, and whether
+      identifiers are matched case-sensitively. "JAVA" is case-sensitive,
+      even for unquoted identifiers. It should be possible
+      for each connection to have its own settings for these. Objects
+      shared between sessions (views, materialized views) might
+      require more work.
+    * Added various internals to make it easy for developers to do the
+      right thing. When you need to look up a schema, table or
+      column/field name, you should use a catalog reader, and it will
+      apply the right case-sensitivity policy.
+    * Enable optiq consumer to utilize different lexical settings in
+      Frameworks/Planner. (Jacques Nadeau)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-115</a>]
+  Add a PARSE_TREE hook point with SqlNode parameter
+* Change planner rules to use `ProjectFactory` for creating
+  projects. (John Pullokkaran)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-131</a>]
+  Add interfaces for metadata (statistics)
+  (**This is a breaking change**.)
+* Update Avatica to allow `Cursor` & `Accessor` implementations to throw
+  `SQLException`. (Jacques Nadeau)
+* Separate cost model (`RelOptCostFactory`) from planner. Allow
+  `VolcanoPlanner` to be sub-classed with different cost factory.
+    * Remove references to VolcanoCost from RelSubset, so clients can
+      use a different `RelOptCost`. (Harish Butani)
+    * Make `VolcanoCost` immutable.
+* Break `SqlTypeStrategies` into `OperandTypes`, `ReturnTypes` and
+  `InferTypes`, and rename its static members to upper-case, per
+  checkstyle. (**This is a breaking change**.)
+* Add a mechanism for defining configuration parameters and have them
+  appear in the responses to `AvaticaDatabaseMetaData` methods.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-113</a>]
+  User-defined scalar functions
+* Add rules to short-cut a query if `LIMIT 0` is present. Also remove
+  sort, aggregation, join if their inputs are known to be empty, and
+  propagate the fact that the relational expressions are known to be
+  empty up the tree. (We already do this for union, filter, project.)
+* `RexNode` and its sub-classes are now immutable.
+Bug-fixes and internal changes
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-16</a>]
+  Upgrade to janino-2.7
+* Upgrade to guava-15.0 (guava-14.0.1 still allowed), sqlline-1.1.7,
+  maven-surefire-plugin-2.16, linq4j-0.1.13.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-136</a>]
+  Support Hive dialect
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-138</a>]
+  SqlDataTypeSpec.clone handles collection types wrong
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-137</a>]
+  If a subset is created that is subsumed by an existing subset, its
+  'best' is not assigned
+    * If best rel in a Volcano subset doesn't have metadata, see if
+      other rels have metadata.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-127</a>]
+  EnumerableCalcRel can't support 3+ AND conditions (Harish Butani)
+* Fix push-down of datetime literals to JDBC data sources.
+* Add `Util.startsWith(List, List)` and `Util.hashCode(double)`.
+* Add maven-checkstyle-plugin, enable in "verify" phase, and fix exceptions.
+* Fix `SqlValidator` to rely on `RelDataType` to do field name matching.  Fix
+  `RelDataTypeImpl` to correctly use the case sensitive flag rather than
+  ignoring it.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-119</a>]
+  Comparing Java type long with SQL type INTEGER gives wrong answer
+* Enable multi-threaded testing, and fix race conditions.
+    * Two of the race conditions involved involving trait caches. The
+      other was indeterminacy in type system when precision was not
+      specified but had a default; now we canonize TIME to TIME(0), for
+      instance.
+* Convert files to `us-ascii`.
+* Work around
+  [<a href="">JANINO-169</a>].
+* Refactor SQL validator testing infrastructure so SQL parser is
+  configurable.
+* Add `optiq-mat-plugin` to README.
+* Fix the check for duplicate subsets in a rule match.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-112</a>]
+  Java boolean column should be treated as SQL boolean
+* Fix escaped unicode characters above 0x8000. Add tests for unicode
+  strings.
+## <a href="">0.4.17</a> / 2014-01-13
+{: #v0-4-17}
+API changes
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-106</a>]
+  Make `Schema` and `Table` SPIs simpler to implement, and make them
+  re-usable across connections
+  (**This is a breaking change**.)
+* Make it easier to define sub-classes of rule operands. The new class
+  `RelOptRuleOperandChildren` contains the children of an operand and
+  the policy for dealing with them. Existing rules now use the new
+  methods to construct operands: `operand()`, `leaf()`, `any()`, `none()`,
+  `unordered()`. The previous methods are now deprecated and will be
+  removed before 0.4.18. (**This is a breaking change**.)
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-101</a>]
+  Enable phased access to the Optiq engine
+* List-handling methods in `Util`: add methods `skipLast`, `last`, `skip`;
+  remove `subList`, `butLast`.
+* Convert `SqlIdentifier.names` from `String[]` to `ImmutableList<String>`.
+* Rename `OptiqAssert.assertThat()` to `that()`, to avoid clash with junit's
+  `Assert.assertThat()`.
+* Usability improvements for `RelDataTypeFactory.FieldInfoBuilder`. It
+  now has a type-factory, so you can just call `build()`.
+* Rework `HepProgramBuilder` into a fluent API.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-105</a>]
+  Externalize RelNode to and from JSON
+* If `EnumerableAggregateRel` has no aggregate functions, generate a
+   call to `Enumerable.distinct()`, thereby saving the effort of
+   building trivial accumulators.
+* Default rule set now does not introduce `CalcRel` until a later phase
+  of planning. This reduces the number of trivial projects and calcs
+  created, merged, and elimated.
+* Reduce the amount of time spent creating record types that
+  already exist.
+* More efficient implementation of `Util.isDistinct` for small lists.
+* When an internal record has 0 fields, rather than generating a
+  synthetic class and lots of instances that are all the same, use the
+  new `Unit` class, which is a singleton.
+* To take advantage of asymmetric hash join added recently in linq4j,
+  tweak cost of `EnumerableJoinRel` so that join is cheaper if the
+  larger input is on the left, and more expensive if it is a cartesian
+  product.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-70</a>]
+  Joins seem to be very expensive in memory
+* Make planning process more efficient by not sorting the list of
+  matched rules each cycle. It is sorted if tracing is enabled;
+  otherwise we scan to find the most important element. For this list,
+  replace `LinkedList` with `ChunkList`, which has an O(1) remove and add,
+  a fast O(n) get, and fast scan.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-87</a>]
+  Constant folding
+  * Rules for constant-expression reduction, and to simplify/eliminate
+    `VALUES` operator.
+* Graph algorithms: Implement breadth-first iterator and cycle-detector.
+* Fix bug in planner which occurred when two `RelNode`s have identical
+  digest but different row-type.
+* Fix link to optiq-csv tutorial.
+* Fix bugs in `RemoveTrivialProjectRule.strip`, `JdbcProjectRel.implement`
+  and `SortRel.computeSelfCost`.
+* Reformat code, and remove `@author` tags.
+* Upgrade to eigenbase-xom-1.3.4, eigenbase-properties-1.1.4,
+  eigenbase-resgen-1.3.6.
+* Upgrade to linq4j-0.1.12.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-97</a>]
+  Correlated EXISTS
+* Fix a bug in `VolcanoCost`.
+* Add class `FoodMartQuerySet`, that contains the 6,700 foodmart queries.
+* Fix factory class names in `UnregisteredDriver`
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-96</a>]
+  LIMIT against a table in a clone schema causes UnsupportedOperationException
+* Disable spark module by default.
+* Allow `CloneSchema` to be specified in terms of url, driver, user,
+  password; not just dataSource.
+* Wrap internal error in `SQLException`.
+## <a href="">0.4.16</a> / 2013-11-24
+{: #v0-4-16}
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-69</a>]
+  Can't join on string columns and other problems with expressions in the join
+  condition
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-74</a>]
+  JOIN ... USING fails in 3-way join with UnsupportedOperationException.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-65</a>]
+  Fix issues in the JDBC driver, and in particular to DatabaseMetaData methods,
+  to make Squirrel-SQL run better.
+* Fix JDBC column, table, schema names for when the table is not in a schema of
+  depth 1.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-85</a>]
+  Adding a table to the root schema causes breakage in OptiqPrepareImpl
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-84</a>]
+  Extract Optiq's JDBC driver as a new JDBC driver framework, Avatica.
+  Other projects can use this to implement a JDBC driver by implementing
+  just a few methods. If you wish to use Optiq's JDBC driver, you will
+  now need to include optiq-avatica.jar in addition to optiq-core.jar.
+  Avatica does not depend on anything besides the standard Java library.
+* Support for parameters in PreparedStatement.
+* First steps in recognizing complex materializations. Internally we introduce a
+  concept called a "star table", virtual table composed of real tables joined
+  together via many-to-one relationships. The queries that define
+  materializations and end-user queries are canonized in terms of star tables.
+  Matching (not done yet) will then be a matter of looking for sort, groupBy,
+  project. It is not yet possible to define a star in an Optiq model file.
+* Add section to <a href="">HOWTO</a> on implementing adapters.
+* Fix data type conversions when creating a clone table in memory.
+* Fix how strings are escaped in JsonBuilder.
+* Test suite now depends on an embedded hsqldb database, so you can run
+  <code>mvn test</code> right after pulling from git. You can instead use a
+  MySQL database if you specify '-Dcalcite.test.db=mysql', but you need to
+  manually populate it.
+* Fix a planner issue which occurs when the left and right children of join are
+  the same relational expression, caused by a self-join query.
+* [<a href="">CALCITE-76</a>]
+  Precedence of the item operator, <code>map[index]</code>; remove the space
+  before '[' when converting parse tree to string.
+* Allow <code>CAST(expression AS ANY)</code>, and fix an issue with the ANY type
+  and NULL values.
+* Handle null timestamps and dates coming out of JDBC adapter.
+* Add <code>jdbcDriver</code> attribute to JDBC schema in model, for drivers
+  that do not auto-register.
+* Allow join rules to match any subclass of JoinRelBase.
+* Push projects, filters and sorts down to MongoDB. (Fixes
+  [<a href="">CALCITE-57</a>],
+  [<a href="">CALCITE-60</a>] and
+  [<a href="">CALCITE-72</a>].)
+* Add instructions for loading FoodMart data set into MongoDB, and how to enable
+  tracing.
+* Now runs on JDK 1.8 (still runs on JDK 1.6 and JDK 1.7).
+* Upgrade to junit-4.11 (avoiding the dodgy junit-4.1.12).
+* Upgrade to linq4j-0.1.11.
+## <a href="">0.4.15</a> / 2013-10-14
+{: #v0-4-15}
+* Lots of good stuff that this margin is too small to contain. See
+  <a href="">SQL language reference</a> and
+  <a href="">JSON model reference</a>.
+# Optiq-csv release history
+Optiq-csv-0.3 was the last independent release of optiq-csv. From
+calcite-0.9.2 onwards, the code was included as the
+calcite-example-csv module.
+* Upgrade to calcite-0.9.1
+* Support gzip-compressed CSV and JSON files (recognized by '.gz' suffix)
+* Cleanup, and fix minor timezone issue in a test
+* Support for date types (date, time, timestamp) (Martijn van den Broek)
+* Upgrade to optiq-0.8, optiq-avatica-0.8, linq4j-0.4
+* Add support for JSON files (recognized by '.json' suffix)
+* Upgrade maven-release-plugin to version 2.4.2
+* Upgrade to optiq-0.6, linq4j-0.2
+* Add NOTICE and LICENSE files in generated JAR file
+## <a href="">0.3</a> / 2014-03-21
+{: #csv-v0-3}
+* Upgrade to optiq-0.5
+* Add workaround to
+  [<a href="">JLINE2-62</a>]
+  to `sqlline.bat` (windows) and `sqlline` (windows using cygwin)
+* Fix classpath construction: `sqlline.bat` copies dependencies to
+  `target/dependencies`; `sqlline` constructs `target/classpath.txt`
+* Build, checkstyle and tests now succeed on windows (both native and cygwin)
+* Models can now contain comments
+* [<a href="">OPTIQ-CSV-2</a>]
+  Update tutorial to reflect changes to Optiq's JDBC adapter
+## <a href="">0.2</a> / 2014-02-18
+{: #csv-v0-2}
+* Add test case for
+  [<a href="">CALCITE-112</a>]
+* Add `sqlline.bat`, Windows SQL shell (based on fix for
+  [<a href="">DRILL-338</a>])
+* Upgrade to optiq-0.4.18, sqlline-1.1.7
+* Return a single object for single-col enumerator (Gabriel Reid)
+* Enable maven-checkstyle-plugin; fix checkstyle exceptions
+## <a href="">0.1</a> / 2014-01-13
+{: #csv-v0-1}
+* Add release notes and history
+* Enable maven-release-plugin
+* Upgrade to optiq-0.4.17, linq4j-0.1.12, sqlline-1.1.6
+* Upgrade tutorial for new Schema and Table SPIs
+* Fixes for optiq SPI changes in
+  [<a href="">CALCITE-106</a>]
+* Enable oraclejdk8 in Travis CI
+* Fix bug where non-existent directory would give NPE; instead print warning
+* Add an example of a planner rule
+* Add `CsvTableFactory`, an example of a custom table
+* Add a view to tutorial
+* Split into scenario with a "simple" schema that generates tables
+  (`CsvTable`) that just execute and a "smart" schema that generates
+  tables (`CsvSmartTable`) that undergo optimization
+* Make `CsvEnumerator` a top-level class
+* Implement the algorithms to sniff names and types from the first
+  row, and to return an enumerator of all rows
+* Read column types from header of CSV file
+# Linq4j release history
+Linq4j-0.4 was the last independent release of linq4j. From
+calcite-0.9.2 onwards, the code was included as calcite-linq4j, and
+features added to linq4j in a particular calcite release are described
+with the other changes in that release.
+## <a href="">0.4</a> / 2014-05-28
+{: #linq4j-v0-4}
+* Fix <a href="">#27</a>,
+  "Incorrectly inlines non-final variable".
+* Maven build process now deploys web site.
+* Implement `Enumerable` methods: `any`, `all`,
+  `contains` with `EqualityComparer`, `first`, `first` with predicate.
+## <a href="">0.3</a> / 2014-04-21
+{: #linq4j-v0-3}
+* Move optimizer visitor from optiq to linq4j; add
+  `ExpressionType.modifiesLvalue` to avoid invalid inlining.
+* Fix <a href="">#17</a>,
+  "Assign constant expressions to 'static final' members";
+  add `@Deterministic` annotation to help deduce which expressions are
+  constant.
+* Multi-pass optimization: some of the variables might be avoided and
+  inlined after the first pass.
+* Various other peephole optimizations: `Boolean.valueOf(const)`,
+  'not' expressions (`!const`, `!!a`, `!(a==b)`, `!(a!=b)`, `!(a>b)`,
+  etc.),
+  '?' expressions coming from `CASE` (`a ? booleanConstant : b` and `a
+  ? b : booleanConstant`).
+* Implement left, right and full outer join.
+* Clean build on cygwin/Windows.
+## <a href="">0.2</a> / 2014-04-11
+{: #linq4j-v0-2}
+* Fix <a href="


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