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Subject [bval] tag 1.1.0 created (now b8f0634)
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2019 05:02:27 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

rmannibucau pushed a change to tag 1.1.0
in repository

      at b8f0634  (commit)
This tag includes the following new commits:

     new 80bf957  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 1454242  fixed class comments
     new 8aa1512  reclassify BVAL-112
     new 689cac1  [BVAL-113] Minor performance improvements
     new 2c5ff42  add non-committer contributors to POM
     new 67eeddf  order by first name as developers section
     new 8040c88  reorg some poms; remove refs to slf4j; remove exclusion of commons-logging--this
is the responsibility of the user
     new a9e45b6  restore cast that certain compilers seem to like
     new b9f52f1  BVAL-116 Fix incorrect reporting of validation error after multiple composite
keys are processed.
     new bdb1c84  adding myself in root pom
     new d6df02c  branching to play with bean-validation 1.1
     new c8d5611  commiting some hacks on bean validation 1.1
     new ff27860  updating version to 2.0-SNAPSHOT
     new abf5eca  using geronimo-el snapshot since it contains a fix in BeanELResolver needed
for bv 1.1 tcks
     new cee432a  cright
     new 9298a87  making bval usable without all the JavaEE API the spec now needs (cdi, ejb,
interceptor was already optional while not triggered by default but el was mandatory)
     new 592c66c  adding basic cache to not validate ValidationAppliesTo each time
     new 4bbe816  no need to keep our internal property for executable validation types once
     new 236cbea  consistent equals/hascode for ConstraintDescriptorImpl - create a regression
in tck 1.0 but seems the same test in bv 1.1 is a bit different
     new 634d321  removing MarkableInputStream which was replaced by a ByteArrayInputStream
     new 8e5ee20  updating tomcat el impl version
     new 822b2e8  fixing param and returned value validation (group sequences)
     new 1844016  hacking an arquillian extension to add BValInterceptor
     new 224d52f  working test suite + removing InterceptorsManager hack
     new 325ab88  handling of ValidOnExecution configuration for cdi method validation
     new 1c2f9f5  using cdi11 module of OWB and jboss interceptor API while G one is not ready
- Note: OWB needs to be built locally using cdi-1.1 profile
     new 09231c5  adding @Priority on BValInterceptor
     new bc866e5  hacking CdiMethodValidationProcessor while OWB doesn't support interceptor
     new 08047b7  some basic optim - still a lot todo
     new ba35527  cutting method validations for inheritance case
     new 69ab1b4  using some contants + removing the loop in buildMethodDescriptors which
is useless in fact
     new 05a1123  better locking when concurrently trying to create the same metadata in MetaBeanManager
     new f45624f  adding some caching in BeanDescriptorImpl
     new 9b6eda2  caching some hashCode + reworking EL interpolator impl
     new 4f4004b  some more caching for BeanDescriptorImpl since we use it in validation phase
     new a0a857a  removing some synchronized + useless locks
     new f163c4f  String.format is useless here
     new 8a73109  caching built in constraint methods + caching xsd schema
     new 6938b3b  reusing cache of built in constraints in AnnotationConstraintBuilder
     new 3313780  small factorization
     new 0bc8969  lazy creation of constraint validators - needed for CDI
     new 4965ec6  imports + getting rid of a helper class
     new 153b4c3  removing guice module (respecting what was said on the list) + renaming
jsr303 in jsr since it implements jsr349 and to avoid future renaming + removing tck module
(tck 1.0 have a single issue with tck 1.1 so we don't need to pass them too)
     new 9d73fb5  removing guice module (respecting what was said on the list) + renaming
jsr303 in jsr since it implements jsr349 and to avoid future renaming + removing tck module
(tck 1.0 have a single issue with tck 1.1 so we don't need to pass them too) - adding jsr
     new f3bfc72  using released OWB version
     new 5fb3a15  using geronimo spec jars
     new a5f71dc  back to 1.1.x version + already adding alpha for next release
     new 19435db  upgrading rat + exluding .idea/.git
     new ab15137  fixing jaxb object generation in java 6
     new 130b531  updating changes.txt and readme.txt
     new a5878ec  fixing scm info
     new 595426c  few cast/hypothesis fixes thanks to cxf
     new 426af85  i shouldn't have committed this file, sorry
     new e79c646  accept defaults only when not null
     new 44036b5  BVAL-127 java 8 is stronger on ambiguity than java 6-7 so renaming an internal
method to break this ambiguity
     new e8f1ea8  BVAL-128 avoid Cloneable as Serializable. Thanks Michael Blyakher for the
     new bab6847  BVAL-129 thanks Liam Miller-Cushon to have fixed synthetix method behavior
     new 237e335  reformat pom and don't override junit version
     new 512f331  get security stuff all working
     new 8620f52  BVAL-130 closing stream when reading default constraints
     new 5c0dd37  avoid NPE if container is not initialized
     new ddf3c34  use existing dependency ;)
     new b768cf4  allowing to skip adding Validator/ValidatorFactory beans
     new ecd69d1  use an internal factory to know if we need to wrap cdi bean with BvalInterceptor
or not
     new a3c4a4f  avoid to fail cause bval provider is wrong - we could force our own one
too + reducing error log level since it shouldn't bother the app
     new fdad05b  avoid NPE
     new febe618  BVAL-131 .gitignore from Daniel Cunha, thanks
     new 32d7500  no need of Properties.EXECUTABLE_VALIDATION_TYPES + NPE protection
     new d30a8ba  this breaks tck11 but this is a bug in OWB, I'll have a look later, pushing
it to not block users ATM
     new 6e85479  slurping all streams otherwise we have to mark it and it can be broken then,
this can be enhanced later if needed
     new 0f66709  using owb snapshot since it targets a cdi 1.1 + fixing the fact BValInterceptor
is always added - TODO: surely make it optional using a beans.xml cnofigured to skip default
behavior but needs more discussion
     new 76582c7  missing API + skipping known classes for cdi integration
     new 085b665  using some spec releases, still 2 to get (owb and el spec)
     new 5494ce6  use commons weaver/privilizer
     new 8c1d1a5  tweaks and formatting
     new 68871b4  address a FIXME item in the code; seems to be valid
     new 278e7cd  BVAL-133 BVAL-132 Daniel Cunha: upgrade to tck 1.1.3.Final
     new 03bb6d5  using CDI 1.1 since we are not compatible with CDI 1.0 ATM. We could rework
it later but in all case this update ensure we don't leak with redeploy which was the case
     new 8fe89ee  using released API + don't fail on a not loadable CDI bean (NoClassDefFoundError)
     new 1d27f01  tweaksbval-jsr/src/main/java/org/apache/bval/jsr/xml/
     new 0ec1554  revert 1643447
     new ae3286d  tweaks
     new d28f2c8  clean up when we alter accessibility of members
     new f24cc2e  clean up when we alter accessibility of members; consolidate catch constructs
     new bbb7847  some cleanup
     new b64100b  add extracted MetaAnnotated type
     new aad0ccc  block
     new dff778d  no requirement that validated types have public access modifiers; therefore
we will set accessible on anything that needs it, which is anything not public-and-declared-by-public
     new bf4dfa4  undeprecate
     new 5d38536  avoid NPE
     new 7eb02fb  cleanup
     new baa27b8  don't unset accessible when there is no SecurityManager
     new 1526d58  cleanup
     new 557eecb  dynamically check SecurityManager
     new 012079a  javadoc, cleanup
     new daf06e5  restore extensible means for code that manages CDI containers to force BVal
to ignore certain types for executable validation
     new 6c222f8  unused import
     new dfc085b  process all annotations
     new 12b8044  cleanup
     new 5e7eec4  cleanup
     new d39dc9a  format
     new 0f86bd1  cleanup
     new b272374  ensure we can call proxy constructor even with java 8
     new c367b05  dont fail if not possible to use loaded class in cdi extension, just log
a short message (if it fails i suspect a bunch of these errors can happen) + a very small
simplification for our cdi class filter
     new 7fdecf4  using tomcat el api since it is released instead of G one
     new ef1cb46  using last released spec jars + owb release + using AnnotatedType instead
of pure reflection for BValInterceptor
     new 2b2b0e5  unused import + 'forcing' few OSGi imports for the bundle to avoid surprises
     new 5291e9e  move bval-1.1.x branch (Bean Validation 1.1 spec) to trunk
     new 5a28d24  minor code improvements
     new 512b215  fix ignore rules
     new 1ddb6ed  drop the alpha prefix from our version.
     new 4d291b7  remove unnecessary repositories
     new d385946  BVAL-136 fix artifactId
     new 80acb34  add beanvalidation-1.0 TCK by default and fix TCK setup
     new f83bbd8  BVAL-136 revert to old artifactId for OSGi
     new 08de7b4  excluding TCK from 1.0 suite which can't be passed with an implementation
of 1.1 spec
     new 8ad228b  disabling repos for now. Thomas Remes from JBoss is moving the missing parts
to maven.central
     new 42fb474  fix SCM section after moving BVal-1.1.x to trunk
     new f52c411  fix SCM section after moving BVal-1.1.x to trunk
     new 680e062  adding release notes for BVal-1.1.0
     new e7e881b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.1.0
     new c39512c  [maven-release-plugin]  copy for tag 1.1.0
     new a92e832  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new ccb0677  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of 1.1.0
     new 8d610ea  remove site-deploy from default goles
     new f351593  upgrade to apache-parent-13
     new 751152d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.1.0
     new b8f0634  [maven-release-plugin]  copy for tag 1.1.0

The 128 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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