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Subject svn commit: r1000079 - in /websites/staging/bval/trunk/content: ./ beanvalidation-tck.html
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2016 21:14:26 GMT
Author: buildbot
Date: Fri Oct 28 21:14:26 2016
New Revision: 1000079

Staging update by buildbot for bval

    websites/staging/bval/trunk/content/   (props changed)

Propchange: websites/staging/bval/trunk/content/
--- cms:source-revision (original)
+++ cms:source-revision Fri Oct 28 21:14:26 2016
@@ -1 +1 @@

Modified: websites/staging/bval/trunk/content/beanvalidation-tck.html
--- websites/staging/bval/trunk/content/beanvalidation-tck.html (original)
+++ websites/staging/bval/trunk/content/beanvalidation-tck.html Fri Oct 28 21:14:26 2016
@@ -135,18 +135,16 @@ under the License.
 h2:hover > .headerlink, h3:hover > .headerlink, h1:hover > .headerlink, h6:hover
> .headerlink, h4:hover > .headerlink, h5:hover > .headerlink, dt:hover > .elementid-permalink
{ visibility: visible }</style>
 <p><a name="JSR303TCK-HowtoobtaintheTCKfortesting"></a></p>
 <h3 id="how-to-obtain-the-tck-for-testing">How to obtain the TCK for testing<a class="headerlink"
href="#how-to-obtain-the-tck-for-testing" title="Permanent link">&para;</a></h3>
-<p>The JSR303 Bean Validation TCK was created by <a href="">Red
Hat/JBoss</a> and is
+<p>The Bean Validation TCK was created by <a href="">Red
Hat/JBoss</a> and is
 available under the <a href="">Apache License,
version 2.0</a>, which allows anyone
 to download and run the TCK without having to sign the Sun/ASF NDA.</p>
 <p>Please see the
 <a href="">Bean Validation TCK</a>
 website for details on how to setup a local JBoss instance for running the TCK.
-The <code>bval-tck</code> module should be used to execute the TCK against Apache
-<p><a name="JSR303TCK-StepstoruntheTCKagainstourimplementation"></a></p>
+The <code>bval-tck11</code> module should be used to execute the TCK against
Apache BVal.</p>
 <h3 id="steps-to-run-the-tck">Steps to run the TCK<a class="headerlink" href="#steps-to-run-the-tck"
title="Permanent link">&para;</a></h3>
 <p>For the below build and TCK runs, it is assumed that you have the latest Sun
 1.6.0 JDK installed and set as the default Java implementation.</p>
-<p><a name="JSR303TCK-Standalone"></a></p>
 <h4 id="standalone">Standalone<a class="headerlink" href="#standalone" title="Permanent
@@ -159,14 +157,13 @@ mvn clean install
 <p>Run the JBoss provided TCK in standalone mode -</p>
-<div class="codehilite"><pre><span class="nb">cd </span>bval/trunk/bval-tck
+<div class="codehilite"><pre><span class="nb">cd </span>bval/trunk/bval-tck11
 mvn -Ptck
-<p><a name="JSR303TCK-In-container"></a></p>
 <h4 id="in-container">In-container<a class="headerlink" href="#in-container" title="Permanent
@@ -189,7 +186,6 @@ mvn -Ptck,incontainer -Djboss.home<span
-<p><a name="JSR303TCK-CertificationagainsttheJCPprovidedTCK"></a></p>
 <h3 id="certification-against-the-jcp-provided-tck">Certification against the JCP provided
TCK<a class="headerlink" href="#certification-against-the-jcp-provided-tck" title="Permanent
 <p><em>TBD</em> - Must we use the Sun/Oracle provided TCK for final certification

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