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Subject svn commit: r1760258 - /bval/cms-site/trunk/content/board-reports/2016-09.mdtext
Date Sun, 11 Sep 2016 15:31:51 GMT
Author: mbenson
Date: Sun Sep 11 15:31:51 2016
New Revision: 1760258

CMS commit to bval by mbenson


Modified: bval/cms-site/trunk/content/board-reports/2016-09.mdtext
--- bval/cms-site/trunk/content/board-reports/2016-09.mdtext (original)
+++ bval/cms-site/trunk/content/board-reports/2016-09.mdtext Sun Sep 11 15:31:51 2016
@@ -16,3 +16,12 @@ of future activity for us to make a comp
 No changes in community.
 Last PMC member added Q4 2013
 Last committer added Q3 2013
+Last quarter the board asked whether BV 2.0 might afford opportunities to
+identify and onboard new personnel to the project. That is possible but probably
+not especially likely; the PMC would be happy to consider suggestions to enhance
+the vitality of the project. However, because BVal is incorporated into Apache 
+TomEE and Apache Geronimo, it is to be expected that one or both of these 
+projects might provide manpower when necessary to ensure the availability of a 
+compliant and compatibly-licensed implementation of the Bean Validation 

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