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Subject [CONF] Apache Bean Validation > Documentation
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2010 20:01:00 GMT
Space: Apache Bean Validation (
Page: Documentation (

Change Comment:
add some RI refs for those needing more docs....

Edited by Donald Woods:
For the underlying JSR303 Bean Validation specification, checkout the [JCP|]

h3. User's Guide



h3. JavaDocs

The complete set of online JavaDocs for the provider and optional modules can be found at
- [Apache Bean Validation 0.1-incubating JavaDocs|]

You can also download the built JavaDocs for just the provider at - [bval-jsr303-0.1-incubating-javadoc.jar|]


h3. Other Resources

Since Apache Bean Validation implements the JSR303 Bean Validation specification, most articles
and HowTo guides for the RI (Hibernate Validator) can also be used as a reference.
* [JSR 303 Bean Validation, Version 1.0 Specification|]
* [JSR 303 Reference Implementation Specification API JavaDoc|]
* [JSR 303 Reference Implementation Reference Guide|]
* [Hibernate Validator on the Web|]

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