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From Niklaus Giger <>
Subject RFC: Generate buildfile from Eclipse workspace
Date Sat, 21 Jul 2012 23:10:20 GMT

The attached patch adds a new menu choice for "buildr generate" to generate a 
buildfile from the eclipse projects present in the workspace.

Contrary to the existing Eclipse extension it considers the existing Eclipse 
files to be master and trying to create a buildfile based on the extracted 

It needs some polishing before a final submission, but is already capable of
- detecting eclipse project (which may be anywhere in a subdir)
- project-names from eclipse .project-files override directory names
- uses default eclipse values ('src','bin') for layout[:source,:target]
- get the project version from MANIFEST.MF
- adds dependencies between project
- adds hints for all plugin
- skips fragments (would need buildr4osgi to handle them correctly)

There are quite a few specs (including some pendings, which reflect the task I 
would like to accomplish in the next few months).

I would be happy if you could review the patch. I will try to improve it based 
on your suggestions.

For me it is a first step for a to provide a simple, yet powerful way which 
should convince 'hardcore' Eclipse GUI developers that for continuos 
integration provides a simple, powerful way for headless, 
aka command line based builds.

Attached is a generated buildfile (generated in the subdirectory src of a git 

Please let me know about necessary changes to get my patch accepted.

Best regards


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