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From Sebastiano Pilla <>
Subject Re: Mac OS X Lion buildr does not find buildr.rb
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2012 11:02:15 GMT
Alleyoop wrote:
> Hi Alex and Sebastiano
> first, thank you for your replies.
> echo $HOME
> /Users/username
> and regarding to the buildr.rb, according to the bug report I changed the
> buildr.rb to .buildr.rb and _buildr.rb
> There is one copy of the file at the following positions:
> Users/username/
> Users/username/.buildr/
> neither of the files are found when running e.g. buildr artifacts
> ➜  dev git:(master) ✗ sudo buildr artifacts
> Password:
> ./tasks/javacard.rake:17: warning: already initialized constant
> (in /Users/username/Documents/PATH_TO_PROJECT_FOLDER_WITH_BUILDFILE,
> development)
> Downloading com.rise:security-commons-emulator-terminalfactory:jar:0.0.27
> Buildr aborted!
> RuntimeError : Unable to download No remote
> repositories defined.

At least on Linux, prepending sudo to your buildr invocation makes it run as root rather than
as 'username', so it is 
correct in not picking up your settings. I don't know anything about OS X, but if sudo works
in the same way then 
there's your problem.

You can obtain a verbose log of what buildr is doing if you add the trace option, like

buildr artifacts --trace

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