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From Mark - Mixtup <>
Subject Newbie custom layout question
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2012 13:50:58 GMT

I apologise in advance if this question is a little too basic. I have no
experience with Ant or Maven which I assume would have helped me in getting
started with buildr. I just got buildr installed and I'm struggling to get
anything building. I have a non default layout which looks like this:

*\src\com\ud\robots\<.java files>*
*\src\com\ud\robots\assertions\<.java files>*
*\src\com\ud\robots\carriers\<.java files> *
*\src\com\ud\robots\functional\<.java files> *
*\src\com\ud\robots\trigger\<.java files> *

First I assumed that if I placed the buildfile in \ and then edited the
layouts like this...

*custom_layout[:source, :main, :java] = 'src/com/ud/robots'*
custom _layout[:source, :test] = 'test'
custom _layout[:target, :main] = 'bin'
custom _layout[:target, :test] = 'bin'

...and then added the following in the main define...

*compile.from _(:src, :main, :java)*

the build would work, but instead I get the following error...

*Exception while invoking prerequisites of task <Buildr::CompileTask
Jamie's Robot:compile => [Jamie's Robot:resources, C:/Documents and
Settings/mac/Eclipse Workspace/Jamie's Robot/src/main/java]>*
So now I have two questions:

1. Do I need to manually define the resources task? If so, could you point
me to an example?
2. Will having one central buildfile like this work, or do I need to have a
separate one in each subdirectory as well as the root?

Kind regards,

Mark Coleman

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