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From Niklaus Giger <>
Subject Re: Some examples of using buildr
Date Sat, 14 Jan 2012 18:43:13 GMT
Hi alex

Thanks for your advice
> Nice.   These kinds of small projects is pretty much how I test/debug when
> questions are asked on this list (and sometimes on my own projects).
> As to which are good/interesting, I'd suggest adding "Not finding what you
> want?  Take a look at [your github repo] ... for more examples." at the
> bottom of the How-To page and let people do the surfing.
There was a similar note on top of the page. Therefore I added just below the 
following hint "Or take a look at buildr-examples for more examples (izpack, 
antwrap, textile2pdf, p2site, PDEtests)."

Also I tested that most of my examples work under Windows (not only Linux).

Best regards

> alex
Niklaus Giger

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