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From Niklaus Giger <>
Subject Working example for running Eclipse PDE-tests with buildr & buildr4osgi
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2012 16:35:22 GMT

I published under
the necessary buildfile to run Eclipse PDE tests for the PhonebookExample.

If theres is an interest in the community I would invest some further work to 
transform it into an more accessible feature.

Could you advise me, how I should submit it. As a git fork with a new feature
extension? As a task? Based on buildr? or buildr4osgi? Or create a new buildr 
plug-in? Pointers to a good example would be wonderful.

Also I am also unsure about fixing the following problems:

1) Eclipse does not easily support nesting project, see
Therefore many developers will have a separate test project in order to run 
their tests from an eclipse workbench. Fiddeling round with the layout I 
managed to merge two eclipse projects (aka directories) into one buildr 
project. Is may usage of path_to(:target,:test, :classes) correct or should it 
be path_to(:target,:test, :java, :classes)?

2) How to I add the resulting TEST*.xml via a junitreport to a common HTML 
report of all tests run? 
Is my way of deactivating the junit tests via "path_to(:target,:test, 
:classes)" correct?

3) Are there other weaknesses in my code?

Any feedback would be welcome. Thanks in advance for your advice.

Best regards

Niklaus Giger

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