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From Niklaus Giger <>
Subject Some examples of using buildr
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2012 13:46:03 GMT

In the last two weeks I spent quite a few hours in using to 
solve build problems and I would like to thanks the developers for their great 
work! It takes some time, but buildr almost always allowed an elegant, small
solution to my problems.

I was working at converting the build infrastructure for 
to buildr, as I think it would simplify a lot some tasks I want to accomplish 
in the near future (e.g. generating Debian package, an Eclipse p2 site, unified 
user documentation). As it consists of about 90 Eclipse packages it proved to 
be not a trivial task.
As my Jenkins CI at
proves a lot of needed targets are already generated.

I ended up setting up a small project at
where I solved my troubles getting thinks to work. Quoting from the 
readme.textile there these are:

* antwrap
** simple example of how to use antwrap. Shows effect of :declarative
** example using Buildr.ant
** shows how to define Java properties
* izpack
** Howto create an IzPack installer for two java projects
** Uses Buildr.ant to wrap the izpack Ant task
* p2site
** Create an eclipse p2site with 2 features (uses buildr4osgi)
* wikitext_to_pdf
** Needs fop and an installed eclipse
** Transforms this readme.textile to a pdf
** uses wikitext_to_xslfo
** uses uildr.ant
** tests whether generated zip file really contains the desired PDF file
* java_and_scala
** handling a project which contains java and scala files and where java files 
depend on scala

I would appreciate feedback, whether these buildfiles respect the "best 
practices" for using I am also willing to add one or more 
of these examples to the
Please, tell me, which ones you think are worth this effort.

Best regards

Niklaus Giger

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