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From "Sprog : Weyert de Boer" <>
Subject Re: How to make Buildr make with subprojects
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2011 20:52:38 GMT
Hello Alex,

> To package things as zip, you simply do package(:zip) and then call
> include() to add stuff in it.
> If you need to generate several zips, each needs a different id.  By
> default, the id is the project's name.  You can change the id by doing,
> e.g.,
> package(:zip, :id => 'subprojects').tap do |zip|
>   zip.include project('foo')
>   zip.include project('bar')
>   ...
> end

Aha, okay, but where I should put this definition? 
I now have something like this (simplified):

corp_layout =
corp_layout... blahblah

define 'project', :layout => corp_layout do
  define 'main', :layout => corp_layout, :base_dir => '' do = 'mainapp' 

  define 'subproject1', :layout => corp_layout, :base_dir => '../../subproject1/workspace'
do = 'banners' 

  define 'subproject2', :layout => corp_layout, :base_dir => '../../subproject2/workspace'
do = 'banners' 

> For your csv file, you can either create a new packaging type as describe
> here:

Sweet! I guess then I can somehow duplicate the THIS_VERSION code so that I get similar functionality
but then specific to my 'banners' group of projects.

> Or you can simply add a file task to your project's packages.
> packages << file('index_subprojects_01.01.csv')


> Yes, buildr assumes parent projects are dependent on all their subprojects.
> (And there is no easy way to change that)

Aah, okay then. :)



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