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From Tom Lee <>
Subject Re: Increasing timeout of repository downloads
Date Sun, 23 Oct 2011 21:13:40 GMT
Something similar to what's in the attached patch worked for me when I 
was running into similar issues. Be warned it's been a while since I've 
looked at this and it's not been tested in months -- hopefully it still 

I haven't had time to clean it up into a "proper" patch with tests etc., 
but happy to give it a crack should you find it useful.

The patch is against the latest in git master.


On 21/10/11 19:13, Sprog : Weyert de Boer wrote:
> My buildr copy currently trying to download a Moven repository item. A zip file but it
keeps timing out.
> Can I somehow increase the timeout so that it has a bit more time to finish the download?
> I am using buildr together with jruby. I already tried to put the file in the .m2 directory
but that didn't fool buildr.
> ** Invoke C:/Users/x/.m2/repository/com/adobe/flex/sdk/
> ** Execute C:/Users/x/.m2/repository/com/adobe/flex/sdk/
> Requesting
> Downloading
> Buildr aborted!2096..:  99% |......................................... |  218.5MB/218.6MB
ETA:  00:00:01
> Timeout::Error : execution expired
> org/jruby/ `sysread'
> Thanks.


*Tom Lee*
Software Developer / Consultant | @tglee <> | (503) 522-6274 

/(or check out my code on github <>)/

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