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From Ian Nowland <>
Subject Java Processes
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2011 19:29:09 GMT
I've got a buildr/jetty/jersey setup I've been playing around with (that
took an annoyingly long time to get configured) which is working pretty much
as I would like it to, except for that the process seems to kick off on it's
own, meaning I can't see console output and I have to kill -9 it whenever I
want it to stop. I'm setting it off with a pretty typical:

  task :run => :compile do
        puts('Starting up with classpath ' + compile.dependencies.to_s + " "
+ [].to_s)'launcher.
MyServer', :classpath => compile.dependencies + [])

And then in launcer.MyServer.scala

object MyServer {

  def main(args: Array[String]) {

    System.out.println("Starting up server")

    val server = new Server(8080)
    val connector = new SelectChannelConnector()

    val holder:ServletHolder = new ServletHolder(classOf[ServletContainer])


    val context = new ServletContextHandler(server, "/",
    context.addServlet(holder, "/*")

When I 'buildr run', while things seem to start up fine, I never see the
"Starting up server" line. When I kill the buildr:run with a ctrl-c, as I
mentioned before, the server stays alive.

What's a more manageable way to launch the process?

For bonus points, the documentation is a little sparse on suggestions for
how to package my code into something a bit more publishable/distributable
(which I realize is really a general problem that applies to all build
tools...still, it'd be nice). Are there any suggestions for how to tie a bow
around this system, or is the best thing to do really just to jar it up,
with a script that does a java -jar?



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